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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AMAZING VIDEO~Dancing Merengue Dog


Two rallies took place last weekend.  The messages were about the dreams of all Americans and included references to the historic "I have a dream speech" by the Rev. Martin Luther King but the messengers had completely different outlooks on insuring ALL Americans have equal opportunities to that dream.

At one of the rallies, there were hundreds of thousands of people:
At this event, the main speaker of the event spoke of the importance of all of us to UNITE and to restore GOD in our lives and our families.  The speech told of the importance of TRUTH and HONOR.  The rally brought clergy together from ALL faiths to stand in solidarity and remind us that we must do more to bring our GOD and FAITH into our lives and the lives of our friends and family.  The speech went on to present awards to everyday Americans that have exemplified, FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY and to encourage the enormous crowd to be the next "everyday American" to go above and beyond to make our country a better place.

The additional speakers of that event spoke of the honor of being the mother of a son in the military and we were introduced to 3 amazing soldiers with stories of HONOR, VALOR and amazing STRENGTH.
We learned from one mother about the story of her son that paid the ultimate price.  We learned of the  "SPECIAL OPERATIONS WARRIOR FOUNDATION".  (The Special Operations Warrior Foundation mission is devoted to providing a college education to every child who has lost a parent while serving in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Special Operations during an operational or training mission. To date, some 160 children of fallen special operations warriors have graduated from college. ) We learned that the event raised over $5M for this wonderful charity. 

Another speaker had a personal experience with the Rev. Martin Luther King.  Her name is Dr. Alveda King and she is the niece of MLK.  She spoke of UNITING this country.  She spoke of the same dream of her uncles, that we can UNITE and join together not based on the color of our skin but by the content of our character. She is one of the most AMAZING women I have ever seen.  She is truly touched by GOD!

At the other rally, the crowd estimate was 3,000:
At this event the main speaker spoke of "RECLAIMING THE DREAM". This speaker also spoke about them owning the Martin Luther King dream.  He told the crowd that the others at the mall were "wanting to disgrace this day."  Really?  I wonder if he watched the rally and can point out to any of us what exactly was said to disgrace MLK and this historic day?  His ENTIRE speech revolved around dividing this country.  I'm sure those in attendance found it rejuvenating...but that just makes it even more sad and disturbing.

The race card is broke.  They have played it so many times, it's like the boy that cried wolf.  No one really believes it but those that have racism in their own hearts.  There are those that will continue to perpetuate racism as long as it gives them notoriety and they are making money off of it.  I pray that those that are blinded by this type of mentality awaken soon.  We ALL truly want to be able to live side by side with equal opportunities and justice for all.  That will never happen as long as there are groups like the NAACP, KKK, Black Caucus, and poverty pimps like Al Sharpton, The Rev Jessee Jackson , The Rev Jeremiah Wright, Ben Jealous and those that want to preach against racism while perpetuating it themselves.


Is anyone buying his excuse of regarding his divisive and inflaming comments about Beck's rally wanting to "disgrace this day?"  He was doing the same old Al Sharpton race card hate speech.  He was trying to incite the crowd and push his divisive anti-white man hate speech. PERIOD!

The Restoring Honor Rally: See for yourself what it was about and let me know who is the real racist here?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Representative Leo Berman is a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who was elected in 1998 to represent HD-6.

He is currently a member of the Committee on Higher Education and the Committee on County Affairs. His voting record has given him several 100 percent conservative ratings from various groups including the Christian Coalition, the Texas Right to Life and the Young Conservatives of Texas.

Prior to his election, Berman served on the Arlington City Council. He is also a lifetime member of the Texas Association of Business and sits on a variety of community organization boards including; the East Texas Council of Boy Scouts of America, the Bethesda Health Clinic and the East Texas Meals on Wheels. He has a B.A. with honors in Political Science from Southern Methodist University.

Berman had a distinguished service career, accruing three Bronze Stars and nine Air Medals over 22 years. He is in the U.S. Army Field Artillery Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame in Fort Sill, Okla and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Texas Veterans Coalition.

Berman and his wife have five children, seven grandchildren and three great-grandsons. They attend the Christ Episcopal Church in Tyler.


Representative Berman has been fighting this battle for quite some time.  This is nothing new to him. 

So far, Representative Berman has helped author at least eight bills aimed at illegal immigrants, including a measure that would create an 8 percent tax on the roughly $6 billion wired from Texas to Mexico, Central and South America. Berman is proposing that the money generated by the tax be earmarked toward border security and hospitals.

He's also filed a bill that would make English the official language of Texas and one that requires all illegal immigrants in Texas to move to "sanctuary cities," a term used for municipalities that do not target illegal immigrants.


Monday, August 23, 2010


THE SMOKING GUN THAT SHOULD STOP THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE                                                            

This document is from the Holy Land Foundation trial held in Dallas. The importance of this document is that it exemplifies the true insidious motivations of Muslims such as Imam Rauf. Clearly, according to this document, the objective of the Muslim Brotherhood is to convert the U.S. into an Islamic nation through sabotage and subterfuge. It is a handbook to achieve that end. The author painstakingly describes the process of “settlement,” among others, and further described its meaning and the methods to be employed (see page 21): 4- Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America: The process of settlement is a "Civilization-Jihadi st Process" with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim's destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.

This evidence goes on to describe the building of "Mosques" and "Community Centers" to help spread their jihad message and indoctrinate. (See page 24) 17- Understanding the role and the nature of work of "The Islamic Center" in every city with what achieves the goal of the process of settlement: The center we seek is the one which constitutes the "axis" of our Movement, the "perimeter" of the circle of our work, our "balance center", the "base" for our rise and our "Dar al-Arqam" to educate us, prepare us and supply our battalions in addition to being the "niche" of our prayers.

One of the most in depth articles written about this, is an article by Alyssa A. Lappen:

Imam Rauf's Muslim Brotherhood Roads to Malaysia

All roads taken by Feisal Abdul Rauf seem to lead to the sharia state of Malaysia.

Rauf spent many weeks there in summer 2010. He first attended school there. Rauf stands second in command at Malaysia’s Perdana Global Peace Organization to antisemitic former Malaysian P.M. and Islamic law advocate Mahathir Mohamad,1 who in Nov. 2002, incited global anti-West financial waras a “jihad worth fighting for.” 2 Rauf’s father, Muslim Brother Mohammed Abdul Rauf, a colleague and close contemporary of MB founder Hassan al-Banna, established four Malaysian Islamic study centers, including the International Islamic University in Kuala Lumpur, which Mahathir invited him back to Malaysia to open. Malaysia’s IIU now rivals Pakistan’s International Islamic University in Karachi. 3

It now seems that Malaysian Islamic ideology also played a big role in formulating the Muslim Brotherhood strategy to destroy the West from within and sabotage “its miserable house.” 4

Those words, of course, paraphrase Article 4 of “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” penned by Mohamed Akram and secretly circulated to trusted Muslim Brothers on May 22, 1991.5

Also entitled “Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America,” Article 4 needs no further comment. In its entirety, it succinctly and frighteningly explains,
“The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their [own] hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack. But, would the slackers and the Mujahedeen be equal.” 6
Recognizing the centrality of Article 17, however, takes on critical importance in light of national and increasingly international furor over Feisal Abdul Rauf’s plan to construct a towering 15-story mosque at Ground Zero. Entitled “Understanding the role and the nature of work of “The Islamic Center” in every city with what achieves the goal of the process of settlement,” Article 17 states,
“The center we seek is the one which constitutes the “axis” of our Movement, the “perimeter” of the circle of our work, our “balance center”, the “base” for our rise and our “Dar al-Arqam” to educate us, prepare us and supply our battalions in addition to being the “niche” of our prayers. (emphasis added)
 Read the complete article Here
The evidence presented refers to DAWA. What is Dawa?  In another article that Ms. wrote in 2003, she exposes the meaning of DAWA: 

The Dawning of Dawa 
By: Alyssa A. Lappen | Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Search recent international news for the word, “Dawa,”and you'll see it occurs rarely, usually in proper names—Iraq’s Shi’ite newspaper Al Dawa, its radical Dawa sect, and its Islamic Dawa Party, banned under Saddam Hussein, blamed for his war on Iran, and now, resurgent. It repeats in names of radical Pakistani groups linked to the banned Lashkar Tayyaba [Lashkar-e-Toiba]—Dawatul Irshad, Markaz Dawa al-Irshad, and the moniker-du-jour, Jamaat ud-Dawa. In Saudi Arabia, in Ain Al Yaqeen’s official news of 21 arrests for al-Qaeda’s Riyadh bombings in May, King Fahd Ibn Abdul Aziz and Crown Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz offer simultaneous praise for the “Joint Islamic Work in the field of Dawa,” headed by Muslim World League chairman and Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Al El-Sheikh.
Since September 11, Americans have learned, many groups with Dawa-derived names now operate and plot violence from bases in the U.S. But a greater danger may reside in Dawa’s largely invisible nationwide success.

What’s Dawa? Although a common Islamic proper noun, Dawa is actually a dynamic, an obligatory duty (fard) for Muslims of all sects and degrees of (im)moderation. Muslims call it “inviting others to Islam.” Really, it’s proselytizing, which Islam encourages the faithful to achieve at any cost. In fact, al-Qaeda lieutenant Abu ‘Ubeid Al-Qurashi boasted last year that September 11th gave Islam enormously effective publicity. It also marked the launch of a massive global Dawa campaign. Al-Qurashi called Dawa “integral to triumph in fourth-generation warfare.”

Of course, simply explaining one’s faith to prospective converts hardly constitutes an illegal or inherently dangerous act. Proselytizing for any faith, despite the negative connotations some attach to it, is not threatening. The freedom of faith guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, however, rests on the Judeo-Christian concept that all individuals have the right to choose and follow any faith, or none at all.

But Islam essentially contradicts this Judeo-Christian principle. All people, it holds, are born Muslim. Converts actually “revert.” By its very nature, this belief denies faith as a personal choice—and minimizes freedom of will. 1 Learning Islam from a righteous teacher, Muslims avow, compels one to accept the faith, or suffer serious consequences. Moderates argue that no one today has the Islamic authority to impose such consequences. As a practical matter, the sharp debate within Islam remains irrelevant in the many Muslim states that do impose them. Moreover, even moderates admit, the authority is politically—not spiritually— derived. Few Muslims would question Islam’s stand as first and last among faiths, which renders it equally political and spiritual—and denigrates the position of non-Muslims.

Read complete article Here
In another recent article, Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs, has additional information that has been uncovered that further exposes this Imam as a radical cleric and not the "Moderate" Muslim he's professed to be by the left wing.

Imam Rauf's Newly Discovered Explosive Audio Tapes

Steve Emerson has unearthed 13 hours of audio tape of Imam Rauf. Emerson and his team of investigators has spent the past four weeks going through the newly found material. Rauf  is a "radical extremist cleric who cloaks himself in sheep's clothing."
Among the shocking revelations Emerson's team will reveal next week -- they found Rauf:
Defending wahhabism - a puritanical version of Islam that governs Saudi Arabia
Calling for the elimination of Israel by claiming a one-nation state, meaning no more Jewish State.
Defending Bin Laden's violence
Demonstrating that there is a lot more to this man than merely a cleric. 
The American public now sees the "deception perpetrated by all these Islamic groups that claim they are against violence and terrorism and insist that their rights be respected but in reality are fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood."

Emerson states there is "definitely fraud involved in the entities that Rauf created in the last decade that are co-mingled." Emerson took it to the IRS, who said, "you have a case."
There is intel that the shady developers, the Gamal brothers, will be going to radical Islamic organizations to serve as connectors -- CAIR,  MPAC -- so that they do their bidding for the money.

The mosque "is going to be a magnet for radicals." Emerson is not opposed to the building of mosques. He is "opposed to the building of radical mosques."  ......"Unfortunately 80% of the mosques in the United States are controlled by the Wahhabists. That's the reality. No one wants to admit it. They're the ones that attract terrorists."
Read the entire article and more Here
Listen to Emerson here on Bill Bennett

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Gulf Oil Spill and Seafood Safety Government Panel, House Committee Energy & Commerce, Energy and Environment, August 19, 2010

Chairman Edward Markey, (D-MA)
Subcommittee Chairman questioning Donald Kraemer, Acting Deputy Director Food and Drug Administration, Food Safety.


Bill Lehr, Senior Scientist National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin., Response and Restoration.

You can get more information on the hearing here: COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE

SOLUTIONS FOR AMERICA by The Heritage Foundation

Compiled by a team of Heritage experts, Solutions for America identifies the nature and scope of our most pressing problems in 23 discrete policy areas, and recommends 128 specific policy prescriptions for Congress to consider. Some of the recommendations are groundbreaking. Others are familiar. Some are being debated right now. All have one thing in common: They would return power to the people. And, collectively, they will transform America, setting her back on the track to prosperity and greatness.

Perilous times necessitate bold action. America is at a tipping point. To continue on the current path of ever-expanding central government will plunge us into a statist abyss of lost liberties, vanishing opportunity and dying prospects of a better tomorrow. But our nation can just as well correct course, as she has so often in the past.

Americans by the millions have begun the process, rallying around the vision of the Founders. The policies articulated in Solutions for America are calculated to make that vision a reality, to build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish anew.

Solutions For America by The Heritage Foundation 2010                                                            

Read the entire Solutions For America here

Native Americans Against Obama~The Color of Tea

This is about the tea parties and the NAACP voting to condem members of racism.

Friday, August 20, 2010

REAL or FAKE: Can you tell which of these government spending projects are real or fake?

Like this vid? Click to try our Spending #FAIL Map that has more on these projects and many others.
Joke-telling robots, expensive walking tunnels, Blackberries for smokers, and training American prostitutes to drink responsibly. What do these things have in common? They're all questionable government spending projects in a time when our economy is struggling and people can't get jobs....or, maybe we just made them up.

Put yourself to the test. See if you can outwit the Rebel Economist before she stumps you. So what is it: REAL or FAKE?
Want to learn more about the projects featured in the video, the waste in your state and hundreds more examples? (Even better: want to do something about it?) Try our Spending #FAIL Map, which allows you to choose the spending projects of your (dis)liking, share the facts with others on Facebook, and call and tweet your member of Congress:
Want more of the Rebel Economist? Check out her channel here:
Sources for projects featured in the video:

Those Voices Don't Speak For The Rest Of Us

Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) and the Republican Study Committee present to you a new video featuring President Ronald Reagan reminding us that the out-touch voices of the Democrat Party don't speak for all Americans.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Next time Democrats call you extreme, show them this video. Visit or text "extreme" to 54608 to learn more.

In His Own Words~Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

This video will SETTLE the issue. Remember when he and his campaign DENIED his Muslim connection? Remember when using his middle name was forbidden in the campaign for fear that it might emphasize his Muslim roots? This film tells a different story.

Hear Obama proclaim his Muslim heritage, faith, knowledge of the Koran - his love for Islam - his quoting of the Koran. Hear him proclaim that the USA is NOT a Christian nation. Hear him and see him as he extols the wonderful virtues of the Muslim faith and the Muslim impact upon the "beautiful" things of the world. (Something he has NEVER done concerning the USA or the Christian faith.) Watch it till the end for a rather dramatic and shocking conclusion.

NOTE TO OBAMAMANIACS - Yes - I KNOW he was often speaking to Muslim countries and was just "being polite." I UNDERSTAND that - that is the POINT of the film. He said ONE THING to the USA when he was running and now says ANOTHER thing to the Muslim world. But, wait, what does he say?

1. He has strong Muslim heritage and ties
2. The Koran is a "beautiful" book
3. Islam is a "beautiful" religion
4. Islam has made many "wonderful" contributions to society
5. We are NOT at war with Islam.
6. America is NOT a Christian nation.

ALL of these things he either DENIED or played down during his campaign. This film simply proves BHO to be a LIAR. It is plain and simple.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Minnesota Under Attack From Shari'ah Law

This is one the best, clearest-cut examples of how Muslims are attempting to convert America to Sharia law. It is a bold, overt, and aggressive campaign to change the fiber of American way of lfe. The sad part is that it appears to be working.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

American Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in their Ranks

American Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in their Ranks

 The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus.
This admission was recently posted on
DSA-Members: American Socialist Voter - Democratic Socialists of America - 10-1-09

American Socialist Voter–
Q: How many members of the U.S. Congress are also members of the DSA?
A: Seventy
Q: How many of the DSA members sit on the Judiciary Committee?
A: Eleven: John Conyers [Chairman of the Judiciary Committee], Tammy Baldwin, Jerrold Nadler, Luis Gutierrez, Melvin Watt, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Steve Cohen, Barbara Lee, Robert Wexler, Linda Sanchez [there are 23 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee of which eleven, almost half, are now members of the DSA].

Q: Who are these members of 111th Congress?
A: See the listing below

Hon. Raúl M. Grijalva (AZ-07)
Hon. Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

Vice Chairs
Hon. Diane Watson (CA-33)
Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)
Hon. Mazie Hirono (HI-02)
Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)

Senate Members
Hon. Bernie Sanders (VT)

House Members
Hon. Neil Abercrombie (HI-01)
Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02)
Hon. Xavier Becerra (CA-31)
Hon. Madeleine Bordallo (GU-AL)
Hon. Robert Brady (PA-01)
Hon. Corrine Brown (FL-03)
Hon. Michael Capuano (MA-08)
Hon. André Carson (IN-07)
Hon. Donna Christensen (VI-AL)
Hon. Yvette Clarke (NY-11)
Hon. William “Lacy” Clay (MO-01)
Hon. Emanuel Cleaver (MO-05)
Hon. Steve Cohen (TN-09)
Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-07)
Hon. Danny Davis (IL-07)
Hon. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
Hon. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03)
Rep. Donna F. Edwards (MD-04)
Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-05)
Hon. Sam Farr (CA-17)
Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-02)
Hon. Bob Filner (CA-51)
Hon. Barney Frank (MA-04)
Hon. Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11)
Hon. Alan Grayson (FL-08)
Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL-04)
Hon. John Hall (NY-19)
Hon. Phil Hare (IL-17)
Hon. Maurice Hinchey (NY-22)
Hon. Michael Honda (CA-15)
Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02)
Hon. Eddie Bernice Johnson (TX-30)
Hon. Hank Johnson (GA-04)
Hon. Marcy Kaptur (OH-09)
Hon. Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI-13)
Hon. Barbara Lee (CA-09)
Hon. John Lewis (GA-05)
Hon. David Loebsack (IA-02)
Hon. Ben R. Lujan (NM-3)
Hon. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14)
Hon. Ed Markey (MA-07)
Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-07)
Hon. James McGovern (MA-03)
Hon. George Miller (CA-07)
Hon. Gwen Moore (WI-04)
Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-08)
Hon. Eleanor Holmes-Norton (DC-AL)
Hon. John Olver (MA-01)
Hon. Ed Pastor (AZ-04)
Hon. Donald Payne (NJ-10)
Hon. Chellie Pingree (ME-01)
Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
Hon. Laura Richardson (CA-37)
Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-34)
Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-01)
Hon. Linda Sánchez (CA-47)
Hon. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)
Hon. José Serrano (NY-16)
Hon. Louise Slaughter (NY-28)
Hon. Pete Stark (CA-13)
Hon. Bennie Thompson (MS-02)
Hon. John Tierney (MA-06)
Hon. Nydia Velazquez (NY-12)
Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
Hon. Mel Watt (NC-12)
Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
Hon. Peter Welch (VT-AL)
Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)
 Source: Gateway Pundit

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Check out his You Tube Channel
While I absolutely love this video, I am also saddened that we find it necessary to post videos and articles like this as well as hold press conferences to defend ourselves against the MSM and Democrats that are knowingly using race as a way to divide this country.

I pray that those being fed the poison of the left and the left wing media will do as this video says....."Open up your eyes." You are being lied to.

Although I'm not naive enough to believe that racism doesn't exist, the movements that are behind the brave patriots standing together has absolutely NOTHING to do with race.

This movement has EVERYTHING to do with correcting the suicidal policies this Democratically led Congress has forced down our throats.

Sadly, the majority of the reporters, actors, politicians and talking heads perpetrating these lies know they are being dishonest,  yet they will use the race card to try to divide us. They should be ashamed of themselves.

We have come so far as a country and yet they want to use these lies to inflame people and take us back to the days of slavery.

On August 4, 2010, a group of Black Conservatives held a press conference to address the constant allegations that the Tea Party is a group of RACISTS. As you will see, they want to put a face to the movement that will try to dispel these false allegations.

Sadly, for some of these reporters, actors, politicians and talking heads, they really know the truth yet will use the race card to try to divide us. They should be ashamed of themselves. We have come so far as a country and they want to use these lies to inflame people and take us back to the days of slavery.

Here's a post from Lloyd Marcus,(black)Proud Unhyphenated American:

Lloyd Marcus Rallies Black Leaders for National Black Conservative Press Conference
The National Press Club in Washington DC was the scene of an historic event, August 4, 2010. For the first time in U.S. history, black conservative leaders from across America gathered for a national press conference. Their purpose was three fold. One, to rebuke the NAACP’s resolution accusing the tea parties of being racist. Two, to introduce themselves to America. Three, to dispel the myth that black conservatives are as rare as Bigfoot sightings.
I am Lloyd Marcus, the press conference organizer and spokesperson of Tea Party Express which hosted the event. Constantly, I am confronted by the liberal mainstream media, “Where are the conservative blacks?”

The NAACP’s politically motivated despicable attack on the tea party movement based on unfounded charges of racism created the “perfect storm” for black conservative leaders, organizations, authors and entertainers to bond together to defend their, mostly white, fellow patriotic God fearing Americans.

The National Black Conservative Press Conference featured speeches and Q & A by a “dream team” of America’s top black conservatives.

Of the approximate 30 to 40 media outlets in attendance, two black reporters, one from “Black Enterprise” and the other from another black media outlet were stunningly hostile and closed-minded during the Q & A.

Two hours of listening to unquestionable truths, historical facts and compelling speeches which argued the virtues of conservatism, the error of socialism and the evil divisiveness of identity politics had no effect on the two black reporters. Locked in their paradigm, both reporters boldly displayed their contempt. To them, we black conservatives were disgraceful sellout Uncle Tom traitors to our race shamefully attacking their black president.
Read complete article Here

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Inspirational Video~Never Give Up In Life

This is a very powerful video.  The lessons are many.  Never Give Up, Never Give In, God will be there to lift you up if you just allow him to.
Derek Redmond was prepared for the 400m semifinal race at the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992. He felt he was in the best shape of his life. Despite 8 operations on his Achilles tendons over the past 4 years, he felt very confident. His father Jim, sitting in the stands, also had high hopes. Jim and his son were very close and he made it to all of the championship races.
Derek gets off to a good start. Coming around the first bend in the track, tragedy struck as Derek’s hamstring went. Initially he thought he had been shot because the pain was so great. His leg would not function. London’s The Guardian newspaper quoted him, “Everything I had worked for was finished. I hated everybody. I hated the world. I hated hamstrings. I hated it all. I felt so bitter that I was injured again. I told myself I had to finish. I kept hopping round. Then, with 100 metres to go, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my old man.”
Derek hopped on one leg for half a lap before his father came to his aid. Together they finished the race arm-in-arm to a standing ovation. Now, some 17 years after the race, not many people remember who won that semi-final race or who even won the final. But, many still remember Derek Redmond.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Canadian Muslim, Raheel Raza Voices Opposition To The Ground Zero Mosque

8/10/10 Source: The Minority Report

Last night on The O’Reilly Factor, a moderate Canadian Muslim woman by the name of Raheel Raza spoke out against building the now infamous Ground Zero mosque. (She has previously written about her feelings as well.)

For the first time since the subject of building this mammoth mosque in the shadows of Ground Zero, we are finally hearing from a Moderate Muslim on how they feel about it.  It was an absolutely riveting interview.  Ms. Raza articulated her reasoning for being against the building of the mosque.

Ms. Raza stated that, “It’s confrontational, it’s in bad faith, and it doesn’t set up any real dialogue or discussion on tolerance.” Then, she went on to further state that, “Bleeding heart, white liberals don’t understand the battle that moderate Muslims face and how radical Islam has grown since 9/11 because of political correctness.”

”She was so terrific and spot-on that she, literally, left Bill O’Reilly speechless–all he could respond with was, “What a great answer!”. This is what we've been wishing for.  This is what we needed.  We needed someone of the Muslim faith to speak the truth about what the building of this mosque truly represents.  This would be a slap in the face of Americans to build this mosque in the shadows of Ground Zero. 

About Raheel Raza

Author of  THEIR JIHAD…NOT MY JIHAD (PDF), Raheel Raza is a public speaker, Consultant for Interfaith and Intercultural diversity, documentary film maker, freelance journalist and founder of SAMA' (Sacred Arts ad Music Alliance). She has recently been appointed to Public Interest Committee.
Raza started writing at a young age because she grew up in a culture where women were supposed to "be seen and not heard.” Travelling extensively throughout the Middle East, Europe, Far East and North America, Raza brings a fresh new global perspective to her mandate “there is unity in diversity”. 

Raza bridges the gap between East and West, promoting cultural and religious diversity. She has appeared in print, on television and radio to discuss diversity, harmony and interfaith. In a presentation to Members of Parliament and international diplomats at the House of Commons, Raza received a standing ovation for her speech called "Celebrating our Differences".

An outspoken advocate for gender equality and an activist for women's rights internationally, she has appeared many times in print, radio and television media to reveal and debate Canadian issues related to media, diversity, gender and immigrants. Raza has received many awards for her work to build bridges of understanding. She is a recipient of the City of Toronto’s Constance Hamilton Award and is the first South Asian woman to narrate a CBC documentary on “Passionate Eye”. A fervent advocate for human rights, Raza is the first Muslim woman in Canada to lead mixed gender prayers.

Growing up in a culture where women were supposed to “be seen and not heard”, Raza turned to writing at a young age and is a freelance journalist. Travelling extensively throughout the world, Raza brings a fresh global perspective to her mandate “there is unity in diversity”. Raza has spoken at places of worship, the private sector, the Justice Department, School Boards and government institutions. She has also been invited to speak at Universities in USA and Canada, including Harvard and Columbia.

Read more: Raheel Raza website

"I Want Your Money" Trailer (2010)

I Want Your Money trailer...Set against the backdrop of today's headline - 67% of Americans don't approve of Obama's economic policies, the film takes a provocative look at our deeply depressed economy using the words and actions of Presidents Reagan and Obama and shows the marked contrast between Reaganomics and Obamanomics.

The film contrasts two views of the role that the federal government should play in our daily lives using the words and actions of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

Two versions of the American dream now stand in sharp contrast. One views the money you earned as yours and best allocated by you; the other believes that the elite in Washington know how to best allocate your wealth. One champions the traditional American dream, which has played out millions of times through generations of Americans, of improving one's lot in life and even daring to dream and build big. The other holds that there is no end to the "good" the government can do by taking and spending other peoples' money in an ever-burgeoning list of programs.

The documentary film I Want Your Money exposes the high cost in lost freedom and in lost opportunity to support a Leviathan-like bureaucratic state.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Black Political Activists: Tea Party 'Not Racist'

Bob Parks is a member/writer for the National Advisory Council of Project 21; Senior Writer, New Media Journal; VP of Marketing and Media Relations/Senior Writer, New Media Alliance; former VP, Massachusetts Republican Assembly; Executive Director, NMATV; Video Producer, Media Research Center
In light of the NAACP resolution accusing the millions of Americans who attend Tea Parties of embracing racists, Tea Party Express is hosting a National Black Conservative Press Conference.

Black conservative leaders, organization spokespersons, authors, entertainers and activists from across America will gather in Washington DC to introduce themselves and their individual roles in fighting the good fight promoting conservative principles, values and patriotism.

By Jake Gibson
Published August 04, 2010 /
Black political activists who also call themselves members of the Tea Party movement on Wednesday rebuked charges of racism running rampant in the group
At a news conference in Washington, the black members asserted that the Tea Party is not at all racist and that the accusations come from outsiders trying to discredit and sabotage the movement.
"The injection of race has come from those who want to destroy us," said Selena Owens, an regular speaker with the Tea Party Express, one of the many libertarian, anti-tax groups in the movement that organized the news conference.
Herman Cain, a radio talk show host, said the accusations are "hurled at us to divide us and to deflect attention away from the failed policies of this congress and this president."
Kevin Jackson, author of "The Big Black Lie" added, "There are two kinds of people I have never seen at a Tea Party: a racist and anyone who owns a yacht. And if they do own a yacht, they pay their taxes."
The Tea Party Express organized the news conference to refute accusations of racism that have been heightened by the recent split with former group leader Mark Williams. Recently, Williams posted a letter on his blog written from "Colored People" to Abraham Lincoln, which suggested that black people would choose slavery over having to do real work.
"Our slowness to split with Mark should by no means condone racism. It was just out of loyalty to our friend," said William Owens, a black conservative author who has also been a featured speaker on past Tea Party Express tours.
The letter Williams wrote on his blog immediately led to a war of words between him and the NAACP, or National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which specifically called Williams a racist and suggested there are many more inside the Tea Party movement.
The black activists at Wednesday's event were at some times dismissive of the NAACP, and at other times outright hostile toward the organization.
"I don't think the NAACP are even relevant anymore," said Tim Johnson, vice chairman of the North Carolina GOP. "I think they just did that to get some news coverage."
Niger Innis, a spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality was more direct.
"I have nothing but respect for the tradition of the NAACP, but I have nothing but contempt for the current leadership and tactics of the current leadership," he said. "There's still a need for the [group], but not if they continue to let themselves be prostituted by some elements of the Democratic party."
When asked about an incident where Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, a black Democrat from Missouri, was allegedly spit on during a Tea Party rally on Capitol Hill last march, Robert Broadus, who is running for a U.S. congressional seat in Maryland, said, "It never happened."
Innis added:"There's no evidence, and we are a country of laws."
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National Black Conservative Press Conference

Date: Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Time: 8-11am
Place: National Press Club, Washington DC

INVITED SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Ambassador Alan Keyes-Chairman of Conservative Majority PAC, Star Parker, President, Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Lloyd Marcus-Tea Party Express/ NAACPC, author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, Kevin Jackson, author of Amazon best-selling book, The BIG Black Lie, President of the Black Conservative Coalition and The Black Sphere, LLC, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Founder and President of BOND Action, Ted Hayes-NABS (National America’s Black Shield), William & Selena Owens-Higher Standard Publishers, Mychal S. Massie Chairman Project 21-The Nation Leadership Network of Black Conservatives, Frantz Kebreau-National Director, NAACPC (National Asso. For the Advancement of Conservative People of ALL Colors), Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.-The Frederick Douglass Foundation, Lloyd Marcus-Tea Party Express/ NAACPC, Michael Steele, RNC Chairman, Ron Miller, president of Regular Folks United and author of “SELLOUT: Musings from Uncle Tom’s Porch”, C. Mason Weaver, President Mason Media Company Author of “It’s Ok to Leave the Plantation/Motivational Speaker, Emery W. McClendon Dr.,Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day, Ruth Bryant White, Editor In Chief of BreakingNewsJournal.Net, Leader on Conservative Moms For America and author of “Life Through The Eyes Of An Interracial Couple”, John Felix,President/CEO/founder of the Caribbean-American Cultural Association, Inc. of North America, Bob Parks, Member, National Advisory Council, Project 21; Video Producer, Media Research Center, Bishop Harry Jackson, Pastor of Hope Christian Church and Chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition,
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kagan's Alarming Record: Military, Guns, Abortion, Immigration

8/3/10 In an impassioned floor speech today, Sen. Sessions gave an overview of the controversial issues in Elena Kagan's record that will be a focus of this week's floor debate on her nomination to the Supreme Court.

8/5/10 UPDATE TO THIS VIDEO: Unfortunately, Kagan was was confirmed today.  Mark my words, this is a sad day for America.  What needs to be highlighted here is her lack of judicial background.  What needs to be exposed is that it is not a coincidence.  The reason Obama voted "present" 129 times as a state Senator is to shield his ideology from being exposed.  Kagan doesn't have any judicial history to track because she doesn't want her ideology exposed as well. 

AP: Senate Confirms Kagan as 112th Justice
The Associated Press
The Senate confirmed Elena Kagan Thursday as the Supreme Court's 112th justice and the fourth woman in its history, granting a lifetime term to a lawyer and academic with a reputation for brilliance, a dry sense of humor and a liberal bent.
The vote was 63-37 for President Barack Obama's nominee to succeed retired Justice John Paul Stevens.
Five Republicans, including retiring N.H. Republican Judd Gregg, joined all but one Democrat and the Senate's two independents to support Kagan. In a rarely practiced ritual reserved for the most historic votes, senators sat at their desks and stood to cast their votes with "ayes" and "nays."
Kagan watched on TV in the conference room at the solicitor general's office, with her Justice Department colleagues looking on. She's to be sworn in Saturday afternoon at the court by Chief Justice John Roberts.
Obama, traveling in Chicago, said Kagan will make an outstanding justice who understands that her rulings affect people, and called the addition of another woman to the court a sign of progress for the country. He invited Kagan to the White House Friday for a ceremony marking her confirmation.
The vote, Obama said, was "an affirmation of her character and her temperament; her open-mindedness and evenhandedness; her determination to hear all sides of every story and consider all possible arguments."
Kagan isn't expected to alter the ideological balance of the court, where Stevens was considered a leader of the liberal wing. But the two parties clashed over her nomination and the court itself. Republicans argued that Kagan was a politically motivated activist who would be unable to put aside her opinions and rule impartially. Democrats defended her as a highly qualified trailblazer for women who could bring a note of moderation and real-world experience to a polarized court they said was dominated by just the kind of activists the GOP denounced.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

AT&T International Hands Advertising Campaign

A behind-the-scenes video of the making of the latest installation of the award-winning AT&T International Hands campaign rolling out nationwide starting April 7. Hand model Ryan Serhant, formerly an actor on the soap "As the World Turns," gets his hands painted by Italian artist Guido Daniele to represent one of two English teapots to be featured in a print ad for AT&Ts Hands campaign. The campaign uses painted hands photographed in various formations which are designed to represent the more than 220 countries where AT&T offers international wireless service. For information on AT&Ts international packages and tips for traveling abroad, visit

AT&T 'Hands' Advertising Campaign Voted 'America's Favorite Magazine Ad' by Consumers

Campaign Showcases Company's Leadership in International Wireless Services

Consumers have put their hands together for “Hands,” a popular AT&T* ad campaign that touts the company’s international wireless leadership, by voting it “America’s Favorite Magazine Ad” in a new contest sponsored by Magazine Publishers of America.

The “America’s Favorite Magazine Ad” competition is a spin-off of Magazine Publishers of America’s prestigious Kelly Awards, which recognizes outstanding magazine ad campaigns as determined by leaders in the advertising industry. “America’s Favorite Magazine Ad” was created to give consumers an opportunity to vote for their own favorites based on creative excellence. AT&T’s “Hands” beat out campaigns by 26 other leading brands.

In the “Hands” campaign, created by BBDO, human hands are intricately painted and posed to depict iconic images representing countries around the world that fall within AT&T’s international footprint. The result is stunning imagery that draws viewers into the artwork while communicating AT&T’s brand proposition of having more phones that work in more places.

Acclaimed artist Guido Daniele of Milan, Italy paints the hands, a process that can take up to a full day. Examples have included hands painted and arranged to become the Great Wall of China; the Rialto Bridge (Venice, Italy); elephants (India); tulips (Netherlands) and an exotic bird among trees (Costa Rica), among many other executions. In total, more than 17 iterations have been released since the campaign debuted in 2008.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summertime Blues~100 Stimulus Projects That Give Taxpayers the Blues

The report, a third in a series, highlights questionable stimulus projects that are wasteful, mismanaged, and overall unsuccessful in creating jobs. The projects featured in the report cannot be considered as an investment in long-term priorities to create and sustain economic growth that the Stimulus was designed to do.

Summertime Blues 100 Stimulus Projects That Give Taxpayers the Blues

Senators Coburn and McCain hold a press conference at the release of their new oversight report, "Summertime Blues"-identifying waste, fraud and abuse in 100 questionable stimulus projects.

Click play to view the video or follow this link

(WASHINGTON, DC) - U.S. Senators Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) and John McCain (R-AZ) today released a new oversight report: “Summertime Blues: 100 Stimulus Projects that Give Taxpayers the Blues.” The report, a third in a series, highlights questionable stimulus projects that are wasteful, mismanaged, and overall unsuccessful in creating jobs. The projects featured in the report cannot be considered as an investment in long-term priorities to create and sustain economic growth that the Stimulus was designed to do.
Coburn and McCain write in the report:
“Eighteen months since the passage of the stimulus bill, millions of jobs are still gone and the economy is as uncertain as ever. The only thing getting a boost is our national debt. The stimulus has helped push it 23 percent higher, to $13.2 trillion, a new record.”
“We owe it to all Americans that are paying taxes and struggling to find jobs, to rebuild our economy without doing additional harm, and to do it in a way that expands opportunities for future generations. Too many stimulus projects are failing to meet that goal.”
“Washington should focus on re-igniting the unmatched power of the American entrepreneurial spirit by sweeping away government red tape, expanding markets for U.S. goods, making it easier for small businesses to obtain credit, and reducing our national debt by eliminating wasteful Washington spending.”
“We owe it to every American to rebuild our economy without doing additional harm and in a manner that expands opportunities for future generations of Americans. Job creation should be a national priority, but torrential, misdirected government spending is not the way to do it.”
Examples of wasteful projects include:
• $554,763 for the Forest Service to replace windows in a closed visitor center at Mount St. Helens
• $762,372 to create “Dance Draw” interactive dance software
• $62 million for a tunnel to nowhere in Pittsburgh, PA that even Governor, Ed Rendell called “a tragic mistake "
• $1.9 million for international ant research
• $1.8 million for a road project that is threatening a pastor’s home
• $308 million for a joint clean energy venture with…BP
• $89,298 to replace a new sidewalk that leads to a ditch in Boynton, OK
• $3.8 million for a “streetscaping” project that has reduced traffic and caused a business to fire two employees
• $16 million to help Boeing to clean up an environmental mess it created in 2007
• $200,000 to help Siberian communities lobby Russian policy makers
• $39.7 million to upgrade the statehouse and political offices in Topeka, Kansas
• $760,000 to Georgia Tech to study improvised music
• $700,000 to study why monkeys respond negatively to inequity
• $193,956 to study voter perceptions of the economic stimulus
• $363,760 to help NIH promote the positive impacts of stimulus projects
• $456,663 to study the circulation of Neptune’s atmosphere
• $529,648 to study the effects of local populations on the environment…in the Himalayas