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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watch, Organize, Pray and Vote November 2012 (GBTV VERSION)

Not long ago the tea party was accused of being violent, racist, & wanting to overthrow the US govt despite no video evidence.

Now the same accusers are asking you to not believe your own eyes w/OWS.  They want to compare the OWS movement, which are ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-ISRAEL, ANTI-CAPITALISM and, for the most part, Communists, Socialists, Anarchists and Marxists with the PATRIOTIC, AMERICA LOVING, FREE ENTERPRISE LOVING, SMALL GOVERNMENT YEARNING, PRO-ISRAEL TEA PARTY.

As someone who stood with Glenn Beck and several hundred thousand other patriots in Washington, DC on 8/28/10,  I tell you the main stream media is corrupt, treasonous & will eventually destroy itself.

Please do your part and show up and vote in 2012.  Our countries very existence, as we know it, depends on you! We must get the Democrats out of power in the Senate and the White House and keep our majority in the House in order to try to start the process of reversing the damage these traitors in power have done to this great country. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Obama Christmas Carol

The 12 Days of Obama's Presidency: the trashing of the Constitution and destruction of Liberty in America


Please check out this list from the article below:
Ladies and gentlemen, America is now a Marxist police state with a tin pot dictator in charge.
1) Re: “The National Defense Authorization Act FY2012-The White House opposed the legislation until, as Senator Carl Levin told lawmakers, “the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section’. Let me run that by you again. The administration actually asked that language be removed which would exempt U.S citizens and lawful residents from this legislation.
2) According to the website, the Army is now actively recruiting for MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 31E, otherwise known as an Internment/Resettlement Specialist.
3) 800 detainment camps have been built covertly all over the United States, allegedly capable of holding two million people.
4) The federal government is now using drones in America.
5) The federal government is actively seeking to curtail our second amendment gun rights, by any means possible.
6) The authority will soon be in place whereby the president can declare martial law, and can detain anyone indefinitely.
7) U.N troops, who have no loyalty to or sentiment towards American citizens have been training for mass crisis situations on U.S. soil.
8) The administration has a website whereby people can be “turned in” by anyone for saying anything critical of the administration.
9) The Department of Homeland Security has a “target list” already in place, as outlined in their infamous report.......

by 82ndSgt, blogging at The Right Planet, ©2011
(Dec. 16, 2011) — Two things happened recently that got little or no attention in the 24-hour news cycle, and for good reason. These things might seem at first glance to be totally unrelated, but when you look at them in the larger scheme of things they could be absolutely chilling. The focus of my recent op-ed’s has been an attempt to assemble a puzzle or mosaic, and these last two pieces bring the picture into startling clarity.

Just over a month ago Obama was threatening to veto legislation called “The National Defense Authorization Act FY2012 over wording in Section 1032 which effectively gives “authorities” the right to detain and torture American citizens indefinitely, just like those Al Qaeda members in Guantanamo. As Congressman Ron Paul warns,” this should be the biggest news going right now“, and he said the legislation would allow for “literally legalizing martial law“. Paul further warns that,” This step where they can literally detain American citizens and put them away without trial is arrogant, bold and dangerous”.

The White House opposed the legislation until, as Senator Carl Levin told lawmakers, “the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section’.

Let me run that by you again. The administration actually asked that language be removed which would exempt U.S citizens and lawful residents from this legislation. Are you kidding me? The administration issued a statement on November 17, saying that the president would veto the bill as it would challenge “the president’s critical authorities to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the nation”. The de facto president basically demanded authority to indefinitely detain American citizens and the Congress complied!

Now for the second mosaic piece. According to the website, the Army is now actively recruiting for MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 31E, otherwise known as an Internment/Resettlement Specialist. Hmm. Where have I heard that term resettlement before? Oh, that’s right, that’s what the NAZI’s told the Jews during WW2 to keep them complacent. The Jews were told not to worry, that they were just going to be “resettled”. We saw how that worked out. The Internment/ Resettlement Specialist is not only tasked with handling the custody and control of individuals designated as Enemy Prisoners of War, or EPW’s, but also Civilian Internees, or CI’s. This is a classic euphemism. You are not an American citizen prisoner, you are a civilian internee in a civilian internee camp. You may remember that the term “civilian internee” was used to refer to Americans of Japanese descent during WW2. That should put to rest any of those “it can’t happen here” sentiments you may be having.

If that doesn't worry you at all....then how about this:

Newsmax‘s Ronald Kessler On White House Construction: They’re Building A Top Secret Underground Bunker

by Alex Alvarez | 4:59 pm, November 30th, 2011 

A new construction project underway at the White House has some wondering what, exactly, is going on over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. While the official word is that America’s most famous address is having new water pipes and other such utilities installed or upgraded, Newsmax chief Washington correspondent Ronald Kessler says that just isn’t the case. 

Kessler, author of In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, appeared on Fox News this afternoon to share that, actually, the White House is building a “top secret” underground bunker so that government may continue to function “in the event of an attack, be it nuclear, biological, or radiological.” 

But if the project is indeed so top secret, why is it being built so openly and in plain sight?

Well, you know, they do have to excavate dirt; they can’t hide that. But what they’re doing is they’re putting out this cover story that it’s just moving utilities around and that sort of thing. They had the same cover story when they did a similar bunker at the Vice President’s residence, the Naval Observatory. They said it was just utilities. In fact, it was a top secret bunker to shield the Vice President in the event of a major attack.
Remember, Biden let the secret out at a Gridiron dinner, and then he tried to cover it up by saying, no, he was talking about something else.
To clarify that last point: At the 2009 Gridiron Club dinner, Biden described a room in his residence that was located “behind a massive steel door secured by an elaborate lock with a narrow connecting hallway lined with shelves filled with communications equipment.” At the time, much was made about Biden having accidentally “blurted out,” as it were, a secret, secure hiding place in the vice presidential residence. But this turns out to have been misreported.

Biden’s spokesperson came out and explained that Biden had actually been describing an “upstairs workspace in the residence,” which was “converted into an upstairs guestroom when the Bidens moved into the residence.” Moreover, there had been “no disclosure of classified information” during the dinner.

For what it’s worth, former vice president Dick Cheney also made mention of a room within the residence — along with other “hiding places” — in his recently published memoir, In My Time.
But back to Kessler. Later on, he added that “there will be relocation of utilities, so they’re not totally lying,” but that the White House’s reports about needing walls, concrete pilings and the like to house utilities is simply not the full truth. But, he continued, don’t expect them to come clean about it.

We asked our own resident White House correspondent, Tommy Christopher, to weigh in. “In three years of covering this White House,” he said, “I’ve seen lots of reporters get jacked up by the Secret Service (myself included) for photographing things on the grounds, but nobody has hassled us about photographing this construction project. This has been going on for well over a year now, so I think this story is another case of the Slow News Day Flu.”

Have a look at Kessler’s explanation, via Fox News:

Source: Mediaite

Sunday, December 18, 2011

NULLIFY NOW: Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack , "This is not a violent revolution"

Jan 30, 2011 Nullify now , Oath Keeper, Sheriff Richard Mack, nullification, violent revolution, peaceful revolution, bradey bill

Nullify Now! Tour WOWS Phoenix
January 29, 2011
On Saturday, January 29, the Nullify Now! 2011 tour began with a bang in Phoenix, Arizona. Hundreds of people gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Phoenix as the Tenth Amendment Center promoted nullification of unconstitutional acts by the federal government. With an array of reputable speakers like Arizona’s State Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen and The John Birch Society’s CEO, Art Thompson, the event proved to be an educational success. A national tour sponsored by and the Tenth Amendment Center, Nullify Now! focuses on the Founding principles of the United States Constitution and educates attendees about the Tenth Amendment, as well as the powers of the state including that of nullification, and a variety of issues that can be resolved by state nullification.

On Saturday, a number of speakers bemoaned the dwindling authority of the states as the federal government continues to grow, and promoted the philosophies of America’s Founding Fathers like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who heavily supported powerful states over a powerful central government.

Tenth Amendment Center’s Derek Sheriff quoted James Madison, who said, “There can be no tribunal above the states.” According to Sheriff, proof that the states should be the highest authority is in the fact that the Constitution is a compact between the states. Likewise, the powers delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are limited. Furthermore, the states’ right to nullify unconstitutional laws indicates that the states are the final judge of constitutionality.

Speaker Bryce Shonka celebrated examples of the states reclaiming their authority, specifically as they are challenging Obamacare.

Most speakers emphasized the importance of reclaiming states’ rights. Stewart Rodes of The Oathkeepers declared the importance of recreating county militias, and Sheriff Richard Mack observed that state nullification was the peaceful solution to the federal government’s overreach. Jason Rink, Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society, proposed reclaiming the right to place the government under surveillance rather than continuing to allow the government to do so to the American people.

Art Thompson of the John Birch Society outlined the path that led the American people to this place in history, where the powers of the individual, the states, and the federal government have been inverted. It begins with rewriting history and distorting the truth, educating Americans to believe that the United States is a democracy rather than a republic, and a power struggle between elitist progressives and the American spirit.

According to Thompson, the war on America is deceptive and subversive. For example, Marxists in America have used semantics to deceive the American people, like subtly replacing the term “republic” with “democracy,” “a system of government that is the first step toward a communist state.” Thompson said, “We have had a war of words that have been used to tear down our republic.”
Much of the progressives’ success can be traced to the power they have attained in the field of education. There, they can rewrite and change history so that America’s youth no longer knows the story behind the founding of our nation. Without knowing American history, America’s future is doomed and the way to America’s transformation is paved.

Thompson declared, “We have to understand where we started in order to understand what we must do in the long term, to return to the system our Founders gave us. It is not enough to simply nullify certain onerous laws, we must educate the American people to a firm understanding of the basic principles on which our system is based.”

Also at Saturday’s event, speakers challenged the elitism of today’s lawmakers, who contend that they are better equipped to make choices pertaining to the individual than the American people are.
For example, radio host Robert Scott Bell discussed the Food and Drug Administration and its emphasis on licensed medical doctors versus homeopathic doctors, whom Bell contends can often offer better alternatives to health care.

Similarly, Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico, promoted the decriminalization of marijuana, asserting that 90 percent of the problem with the drug is caused by “prohibition” and not by abuse of the drug.

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Tenney Allen discussed the overreaching powers of federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, which she contends had a negative impact on her family’s timber business and on Arizona’s timber business as a whole, by seeking to protect endangered species like the Mexican Spotted Owl at the expense of Arizona businesses. Allen asserted that the EPA is now targeting Arizona’s coal plants in much the same way they did Arizona’s timber mills. Overall, Allen emphasized the importance of nullifying unconstitutional federal laws and regulations like those instituted by the EPA.

Overall, the speakers stressed the necessity of reclaiming the authority of the states, and view the nullification of unconstitutional laws as a viable start. State nullification has already begun to gain popularity as it has been addressed as a solution to many of America’s problems on prominent television shows like Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, which airs on the Fox Business Channel 8pm daily. As a prime example of this movement towards state sovereignty, as of January 31, at least one dozen states have introduced bills to nullify the entire ObamaCare law! (See: "12 States Have Bills to Nullify ObamaCare Entirely.")

Nullify Now! 2010 proved to be largely successful, having made its way through Forth Worth, Texas, Chattanooga, Tenn., and Orlando, Florida, and featured a number of prominent speakers including New York Times best-selling author Thomas E. Woods, author of Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21 Century, and Joe Wolverton II, a constitutional lawyer and professor of American government who writes for The New American.

With a number of scheduled tours nationwide, it looks as through 2011 will reveal continuing success for the Nullify Now! tour.

Those interested in attending any of the upcoming events should visit
Source: The New American
Sheriff Mack Announces Lawsuit Against SPLC, Run For Congress
December 10, 2011
At a speech in Sacramento, California, on December 10, Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), announced that within a matter of days he will be filing a lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for slander, libel and defamation.

Sheriff Mack, who successfully challenged the 1993 federal Brady handgun control act in a landmark case that went all the way through the United States Supreme Court, has been an outspoken champion of constitutionally limited government and a critic of federal usurpation and abuse of police powers. The forty-year-old Southern Poverty Law Center is notorious for lionizing left-wing extremists (such as unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and equally notorious for smearing innocent individuals and organizations with the “racist,” “extremist,” “anti-semitic,” “anti-government,” and “hate group” labels. It is not surprising then that it has targeted Richard Mack for vicious treatment in a number of its publications and web sites over the years. But even more troubling than what it has published about him, says Sheriff Mack, are the lies that it has spread to law enforcement agencies about him in the seminars and training programs the SPLC conducts for federal, state, and local agencies.

Sheriff Mack, who was a speaker, along with this writer at the 53rd Anniversary Banquet of The John Birch Society in Sacramento, also announced to the assembled guests that he would also soon be filing papers to run in the Republican primary for the 21st Congressional District of Texas against incumbent Rep. Lamar Smith, whom Mack describes a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only). The 21st District includes much of San Antonio and Austin, as well as Fredericksburg, where Mack now resides.

In an interview with The New American after the banquet, Sheriff Mack, explained that he had contemplated a lawsuit against the SPLC for the past several months, but the difficulty, time, and expense of taking on such an endeavor against the well-funded organization had prevented him from doing so. In May of this year, however, he received a telephone call from an SPLC “reporter.” Mack says he was amazed and told the reporter: “This is really funny. You guys have been lying about me for 15 years and this is the first time you’ve bothered to call me.”

The reporter asked, “When did we ever lie about you?”

Sheriff Mack recounted the telephone conversation:

I said, well, recently you said I believe in shooting federal agents, killing federal agents — IRS agents in particular. I said I have never said anything like that. I don’t believe in violence. I spent 20 years in law enforcement and never slugged or slapped or hit or maced or shot another human being. So I don’t believe in violence and I’m not a violent perso

The SPLC reporter said he would check into that. Later that day, says Mack, he received a call from spokesman Mark Potok, who edits the organization’s Intelligence Report. Potok said, “Sheriff, we owe you an apology.”

Sheriff Mack says “I knocked on the phone and said ‘Is this really Mark Potok of the SPLC who doesn’t care who they lie about? I don’t trust you.’”

Mack says Potok then admitted, “We went back and reviewed the tape where we reported you advocated shooting agents and that isn’t what you said.”

Potok agreed to reprint a retraction. However, says Mack, the retraction was a tiny paragraph, compared to the massive coverage they had given to the earlier false charges about him. And it could not even begin to undo the vast damage they done in smearing his name and the CSPOA before other law enforcement agencies.

Mack pointed out that Sheriff Dwight Nothstein of Carbon County, Pennsylvania, for instance, has publicly compared Sheriff Mack to Hitler and repeated the SPLC charge that he has advocated shooting federal agents.

“It does hurt me to see that the SPLC, which does training for every federal law enforcement agency, including other police and sheriffs agencies all across the country, will actually tell these people that there’s something inherently wrong with someone who quotes the Founding Fathers and our Constitution,” he told The New American. “That’s all I’m guilty of. And isn’t it interesting that I’m called a racist, a bigot, a hate group monger, and I [supposedly] hate everybody because I simply quote American ideals as expressed by the Founding Fathers? That’s my ‘crime.’ And yet I get slandered all over the country to my fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement.”

But the Sheriff is not one to let such things get him down; besides a busy speaking schedule, he is very active with a number of positive efforts and is always upbeat and optimistic. In addition to launching his SPLC lawsuit and a congressional campaign, he is also releasing his newly published book, The Magic of Gun Control (cover shown above) and gearing up for his CSPOA “Constitutional Sheriffs Convention” in January 2012 in Las Vegas. He is hoping to bring together 150-200 sheriffs from across the country, together with other law enforcement officers to discuss with them their role in the “lawful and peaceful way to restore the Constitution and its Bill of Rights as the supreme law of the land.”

Related articles:
Nullify Now!

Protecting Rights: Loyal Americans Targeted by the SPLC

Can the County Sheriff Save the Constitution?

Eric Holder & President Bill Clinton Pardoned Terrorists

Just a reminder of Eric Holder's Past.....for those that missed my earlier post about his ties to another cover up of the torture and murder of an innocent American citizen, you can learn more about that here.

Very revealing video. Now Eric Holder may well be positioning himself to release more terrorists, or at very least to use the civilian court system to attack the very tactics employed for keeping America free from attacks. Are we going to be right back in the cross hairs.

Eric Holder assisted Janet Reno during Waco, Ruby Ridge and Eliyan Gonzales, I venture to say that his focus is on a perspective that few

Americans share. Very few. Let your voice be heard, ask the White house, Senate and Congress call the Capitol switchboard now - (202) 224-3121 to quash the civillian hearing of our terrorists. We don't want to risk their release back into the general public.

FALN is the acronym for Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional
English: Armed Forces of National Liberation

Referring to:
Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (Puerto Rico)
Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (Venezuela)

H/T Michelle Malkin

How Eric Holder fixed the FALN pardons

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 9, 2009 10:18 AM

The Los Angeles Times, mirabile dictu, breaks from the Obamedia pack and does some digging into Attorney General nominee Eric Holders past history as a political fixer for the Puerto Rican FALN terrorists -Michelle Malkin
Attorney general nominee Eric H. Holder Jr. repeatedly pushed some of his subordinates at the Clinton Justice Department to drop their opposition to a controversial 1999 grant of clemency to 16 members of two violent Puerto Rican nationalist organizations, according to interviews and documents…
…President Clinton’s decision to commute prison terms caused an uproar at the time. Holder was called before Congress to explain his role but declined to answer numerous questions from angry lawmakers demanding to know why the Justice Department had not sided with the FBI, federal prosecutors and other law enforcement officials, who were vehemently opposed to the grants.
Some religious groups and influential individuals, including President Carter, had endorsed the commutations. But Clinton’s decision outraged law enforcement officials, who had tried to contain a bombing campaign in New York, Chicago and elsewhere in the 1970s and 1980s by groups seeking independence for Puerto Rico from the United States.
New interviews and an examination of previously undisclosed documents indicate that Holder played an active role in changing the position of the Justice Department on the commutations.
Holder instructed his staff at Justice’s Office of the Pardon Attorney to effectively replace the department’s original report recommending against any commutations, which had been sent to the White House in 1996, with one that favored clemency for at least half the prisoners, according to these interviews and documents.
And after Pardon Attorney Roger Adams resisted, Holder’s chief of staff instructed him to draft a neutral “options memo” instead, Adams said.
The options memo allowed Clinton to grant the commutations without appearing to go against the Justice Department’s wishes, Adams and his predecessor, Margaret Colgate Love, said in their first public comments on the case.
“I remember this well, because it was such a big deal to consider clemency for a group of people convicted of such heinous crimes,” said Adams, the agency’s top pardon lawyer from 1997 until 2008. He said he told Holder of his “strong opposition to any clemency in several internal memos and a draft report recommending denial” and in at least one face-to-face meeting. But each time Holder wasn’t satisfied, Adams said.
The 16 members of the FALN (the Spanish acronym for Armed Forces of National Liberation) and Los Macheteros had been convicted in Chicago and Hartford variously of bank robbery, possession of explosives and participating in a seditious conspiracy. Overall, the two groups had been linked by the FBI to more than 130 bombings, several armed robberies, six slayings and hundreds of injuries.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Attorney General Eric Holder's Record of Corruption


Saturday, December 17, 2011


Thanks For The Memories…

O'Reilly Factor Tribute to Bob Hope

 Bob Hope Christmases with the troops

This is an awesome tribute to Bob Hope:


1967 ARC Identifier 64135 / Local Identifier 342-SFP-1848. Presents Bob Hope's annual USO tour of Southeast Asian military bases. Features Raquel Welch, Elaine Dunn, Phil Crosby, Barbara McNair, and Miss World, Madeleine Hartog Bell. Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force.

Bob Hope was always the star and began each show by strutting on stage with his golf club, firing off jokes tailored to each base. And he always brought the outstanding glamor star from back home. On the 1967 tour, actress Raquel Welch joined Hope on stage to add a few crowd-pleasing dance moves to Bob's rendition of "Dancing in the Streets."

One of the few constants of the Vietnam War—one eagerly anticipated by American troops, that is—was the annual Bob Hope Christmas Show. From 1964 to 1972, Hope included South Vietnam on his annual trips to visit troops during the holiday season, a tradition that started for him during World War II. "Back in 1941, at March Field, California…I still remember fondly that first soldier audience," Hope once said. "I looked at them, they laughed at me, and it was love at first sight."

Security was exceptionally tight for Bob Hope's first visit to Vietnam. Although the planners
had made intricate arrangements through the offices of Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) prior to his December 24 landing, there had been no official announcements or confirmation of Hope's visit. And the locations of all his shows remained secret. Even Hope and his staff never knew the name of the base they were to perform at until they landed. Reporters noted that plans for Hope's visits to different areas were more secret than those for generals or Cabinet officials. Troops who made up the audiences were never told who would be visiting until the last minute.

Hope and his entourage were given stern warnings from MACV. While some were routine for any overseas travel—avoid all water and ice because none was safe to drink, and stay away from all milk products—the threats related to terrorism were especially serious. They were told to stay away from windows in restaurants and in their hotel rooms, and to keep their drapes closed. And a final caution: Drop to the floor when they heard an explosion. In spite of the dangers, the shows went on, but the sound of aircraft overhead during a performance always brought a startled look from Hope.

In 1966, for the first time in many years, Bob Hope's partner and friend since the tours in WWII, Jerry Colonna, was unable to join the troupe after suffering a stroke. Nevertheless, Hope's company, featuring guest stars Phyllis Diller and Heatherton, left Los Angeles on December 16, and by Christmas they were at Cu Chi. Actress Chris Noel, who was asked by Hope to join the show for this performance, arrived on a chopper in time to join him and the troops for a traditional turkey dinner in the mess. Noticing some men precariously perched on tall poles before the show began, Hope asked during his opening monologue, "How did you get up there? LSD?"

The tenor of the Christmas tour of 1966 reflected changing attitudes in the United States regarding the course of the war, and Hope's humor didn't shy away from it. He reassured the troops that "the country is behind you 50 percent." He then added, "I'm very happy to be here; I'm leaving tomorrow!"

While Hope largely kept his personal opinions out of his on-stage performances, he spoke freely with reporters off stage. At one stop, he announced he was definitely "hawkish" and expressed his desire that the "United States would move a little faster to end the war."

Eric Holder Implicated In Cover Up Of Murder Of Kenneth Trentadue In 1995

To help you understand the story behind the torture/murder of Kenneth Trentadue and how his murder has exposed a connection of the FBI to the Oklahoma City bombing and, at that time, Deputy Attorney General, Eric Holder's part in blocking any investigation into this murder.



JULY 3, 1997, Interview with Oklahoma State Medical Examiner, Dr. Fred Jordan.  Dr. Jordan speaks out about the Clinton-Reno Justice Department's efforts to cover-up the torture-murder of Kenneth Trentadue.  This cover-up was referred to within the Justice Department as the 'Trentadue Mission.' Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder played a key role in the Trentadue Mission.  Mr. Holder was tasked with derailing a Senate Judiciary inquiry into Trentadue's murder by the FBI.

Dr. Fred B. Jordan, the Chief Medical Examiner of the state of Oklahoma, was stunned at the destruction of evidence by federal authorities and at the way federal officials blocked his office from carrying out required duties. In a memo to the file dated December 20, 1995, Dr. Jordan described his frustration over being stonewalled by top Department of Justice officials in Washington. He recorded that he confided to the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Oklahoma City that “I felt Mr. Trentadue had been abused and tortured.”

Two years later Dr. Jordan said on a Fox News Interview (July 3, 1997):

“I think it’s very likely he [Kenneth Trentadue] was murdered. I’m not able to prove it. I have temporarily classified the death as undetermined. You see a body covered with blood, removed from the room as Mr. Trentadue was, soaked in blood, covered with bruises, and you try to gain access to the scene and the government of the United States says no, you can’t.

“They [the federal government] continued to prohibit us from having access to the scene of his death, which is unheard of, until about five months later. When we went in [the cell] and luminoled, it lit up like a candle because blood was still present on the walls of the room after four or five months. But at that point we have no crime scene, so there are still questions about the death of Kenneth Trentadue that will never be answered because of the actions of the U.S. government.”

Dr. Jordan’s effort to do his job brought him under great pressure and harassment from federal authorities. Realizing his peril, on August 25, 1997, Dr. Jordan wrote to IRS Commissioner Margaret Richardson:

“The requirements of my job as chief Medical Examiner for the State of Oklahoma are currently bringing me into an uncomfortable juxtaposition with the United States Department of Justice. In order to protect myself from retribution, I would like information as to how to request a protective audit from your agency. By this, I simply mean a standard audit in order to avoid having your agency used to harass me as I proceed with my inquiries into a death that directly relates to the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City.”

In a handwritten memo to his file dated October 22, 1997, of a telephone conversation with U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan (D, ND), Dr. Jordan recorded: “confirmed my feelings that the investigation was crippled, the decedent was at the least beaten, we haven’t found the truth and probably won’t, reiterated my lack of trust in the Fed. gov’t and the Dept of Justice in particular.”

Unable to secure from Dr. Jordan a ruling that Trentadue’s injuries were self-inflicted, the DOJ sought the cooperation of Dr. Bill Gormley, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Dr. Gormley came to the same conclusion as Dr. Jordan and came under the same pressures. In a memo to file dated May 30, 1997, Kevin Rowland, Chief Investigator in the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office records a telephone call he had from Dr. Gormley:

“The basic purposes for his call was to 1-find out what they [DOJ] are up to because he was very suspicious, and 2-ask if I might be able to explain why they only wanted certain testimony from him, since he told them that we had already given them the truth. He was troubled that they only seemed interested in him saying it might be possible these injuries are self-inflicted.”

Senator Orrin Hatch (R, UT) threatened the DOJ with Senate Judiciary Hearings on the case. However, FBI documents (Dec. 5, 1997 and Jan. 28, 1998) indicate that FBI agents succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of Senator Don Nickles (R, OK) and using him to prevent Hatch’s investigation.

Federal harassment of, and accusations against, Dr. Jordan built to the point that on March 12, 1998, the Assistant Attorney General of Oklahoma, Patrick T. Crawley, wrote to the US Department of Justice:

“The real tragedy in this case appears to be the perversion of law through chicanery and the misuse of public trust under the guise of some aberrant form of federalism. In a succession of either illegal, negligent, or just plain stupid acts, your clients [FBI, DOJ, Bureau of Prisons] succeeded in derailing the medical examiner’s investigation and, thereby, may have obstructed justice in this case. As more and more information is revealed in this case, primarily through the efforts of Jesse Trentadue [lawyer brother of victim], it appears that your clients, and perhaps others within the Department of Justice, have been abusing the powers of their respective offices. If this is true, all Americans should be very frightened of your clients and the DOJ.”

Despite the protection of the Oklahoma Attorney General, sufficient pressure was brought against Dr. Jordan to cause him to abandon his position. On November 28, 2000, at the civil trial brought by Jesse Trentadue against the United States, Dr. Jordan was asked: “You didn’t find any evidence of beating or torture, did you?” He answered: “No, there is no evidence to substantiate beating or torture.”

Despite Dr. Jordan’s changed testimony, the presiding federal judge in the Trentadue civil suit saw enough evidence that much was amiss to award the Trentadue family $1.1 million for suffering harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress by the federal government. 

‘Fast & Furious’ Not Eric Holder’s First Controversy Involving the Murder of an American Citizen

October 10th, 2011

While some in the news media say Eric Holder’s involvement in the controversial ATF gun-running program known as Operation Fast and Furious is “only the tip of the iceberg,” Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue says he “was way ahead of the curve” in pointing out the attorney general’s involvement in shady activities.  He points to a scathing 4-page letter (PDF) he sent to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Dec. 19, 2008, as proof.

You need to know that Eric Holder, now nominated to become Attorney General, played a key role in covering up the torture-murder of my brother, Kenneth Michael Trentadue.  You also need to know that Mr. Holder did this while serving as Deputy Attorney General and Acting Attorney General from 1997-2001.

This is not just my shocking opinion.  It is also the opinion of many Americans.  More importantly, it is supported by the Justice Department’s records and actions that came to light as a result of my family’s efforts to obtain a certain measure of justice for my brother’s murder.

Kenneth was killed in Oklahoma City in August of 1995.  My family has spent over 13 years investigating my brother’s gruesome murder, including bringing a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court in 1997.  In that case, the Justice Department hid and destroyed evidence that would have exposed my brother’s murders, and we believe that Mr. Holder was directly involved in those acts of obstruction of justice.

In a footnote appearing on page one of that letter, Trentadue noted the following:

Despite the destruction of evidence, the court awarded my family a $1 million judgment.  We have used that money to offer a $250,000 reward for the people who killed Kenney.  That offer is posted at:  This site also contains the irrefutable evidence that my brother was murdered, which evidence was kept from us by the Justice Department.”

Trentadue’s letter continues:

To this day, however, despite the efforts of my family, numerous journalists, and Congress, the Justice Department has been able to hide this terrible story — and its culpability in the death of my brother Kenneth.  More importantly, then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder was assigned to be the point man in blocking my family’s efforts to bring my brother Kenneth Trentadue’s murderers to justice.  Now, President-elect Barack Obama has nominated Eric Holder to be the new Attorney General.

The paper trail on Mr. Holder’s actions is scant.  However, e-mails and handwritten notes by those working under Mr. Holder in the Justice Department have surfaced.  These documents paint a clear picture of a wide-ranging and cynical scheme, run directly by Mr. Holder, to quash my family’s efforts to have my brother’s murder investigated, and to deflect congressional oversight and media attention from the shocking circumstances of his death.
 According to these documents, a significant part of this plan involved Mr. Holder convincing Congress not to inquire into my brother’s murder.  The plan called for Mr. Holder to meet with Senator Hatch on October 9, 1997, just prior to the Justice Department’s issuance of a Press Release announcing that the federal grand jury supposedly “investigating” my brother’s murder had failed to charge anyone with this crime.

The stated purpose of this meeting between Mr. Holder and Senator Hatch was to defuse Judiciary Committee oversight and media inquiry into the circumstances of my brother’s death.  In fact, one e-mail states that “we ain’t looking for press on this.  Hill takes priority.”
But that meeting apparently did not go as planned by Mr. Holder, because the next day, October 10, 1997, Senator Hatch gave an exclusive interview to Fox News in which he spoke out against the results of the grand jury and the Justice Department’s handling of the case.

Rather than share Trentadue’s summary of what Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), told Fox News during the interview Oct. 10, 1997, I offer video (below) of the interview itself.
Did you catch that?  Senator Hatch said, “There’s a lot wrong with this case.” Not surprisingly, Jesse Trentadue agrees and points anyone willing to listen to the remaining content of his letter to Senator Leahy (PDF) before noting the following:

Judiciary Letter To Sen. Pat Leahy Regarding Eric Holder Cover Up Of Murder Of Kenneth Trentadue

Fast & Furious is only the “tip of the iceberg”;
Two U.S. Border Patrol agents are dead;
The Oklahoma City Bombing is the “iceberg”; and
168 bombing victims, plus his brother Kenneth Trentadue, are dead.

For more information about Trentadue’s pursuit of justice, read “Operation Fast and Furious” Coverup Not Unique, my other reports about the Oklahoma City Bombing and visit Kenneth

UPDATE 12/03/11 at 1:03 p.m. Central:  Story picked up by Andrew Breitbart’s
UPDATE 12/03/11 at 2:25 p.m. Central:  Trentedue tells me that the reward mentioned in his letter expired without anyone claiming it.   “That tells me that some very powerful people were involved in my brother’s murder and the cover up of that crime!” he said.


Attorney General Holder Tied to OKC Bombers

With a past such as this, how can Eric Holder be entrusted to hold ANY office in the United States of America? This story has been swept under the carpet but needs to be brought back out into the light of day. Attorney General Eric Holder must be held to account. Justice must be served in the obvious cover-up of the apparent torture and murder (that was originally ruled a suicide) of  Kenny Trentadue, a government informant, in Oklahoma City.

Implications in this case point fingers at the FBI and DOJ as being participants in the Oklahoma City bombing.  According to American Free Press:
Eric Holder, current attorney general of the United States, managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995, according to official documents released during the ongoing investigation into government foreknowledge of the supposed terrorist attack.
According to the documentation provided in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit brought against the Department of Justice by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue, the Oklahoma City bombing had aspects of being an FBI sting operation that went out of control. Holder had authorized the FBI to provide explosives to Nichols and McVeigh, then lost track of both the explosives and their targets. McVeigh went on to detonate some of the explosives outside the federal building, an act that was designed to help anti-terrorism legislation pass Congress. But an additional case of explosives was unaccounted for.
After the bombing, when the FBI learned the location of the explosives, Holder reportedly sent emails to FBI agents ordering them to recover the explosives before they could be found by some other branch of the government. FBI agents failed to spot the additional, unexploded explosives during an initial search of Nichols’s home and offered to spare him the death penalty if he would help them recover them.
The case of explosives was, however, recovered by another law enforcement agency and was later determined to have the incriminating  fingerprints of two FBI agents, as well as fingerprints of McVeigh and Nichols.
Shortly after the bombing, Kenneth Trentadue, a government informant, was murdered in his prison cell. His family has been pursuing legal action against the federal government ever since.
In 2001, in a bid to avoid a full release of documents, the Federal Bureau of Prisons paid a settlement of $1.1 million to several members of Trentadue’s family, but his brother refused to drop the investigation and filed a FOIA lawsuit for the missing documents. That suit has been ongoing in the Salt Lake City federal courthouse.

Oklahoma City Bombing RARE footage

4/17/2011 Kenneth Trentadue was murdered in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center in August, 1995. The authorities ruled it a suicide. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the incredible story of Jesse Trentadue, Kenney’s brother, who has spent the last two decades working to find out what really happened to his brother…and how it connects to the Oklahoma City Bombing.

6/16/2011 The Corbett Report is joined once again by Salt Lake City-based attorney Jesse Trentadue who has been doggedly pursuing the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing since the murder of his brother in 1995. Today he updates us on a federal judge’s recent startling ruling in his fight to pry the Murrah Building surveillance tapes from the FBI…and the revelations about a secret evidence storage drive that the FBI uses to hide documents from FOIA requests.

RELATED LINKS: For comprehensive listing of videos, articles and photographs (warning..graphic):  APFN.ORG

Truth In Justice 

Mother Jones 

The Corbett Report

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ct. Mayor Wants To Allow Illegal Aliens To Vote In Local Elections

The debate over illegal immigration in New Haven has people fired up, as Mayor DeStefano wants voting rights for illegal residents in the City of New Haven and he's explaining his reasoning behind it to News 8.

CT mayor wants illegals to vote

Says they already pay taxes indirectly

Updated: Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011, 12:36 PM EST
Published : Wednesday, 14 Dec 2011, 11:24 AM EST
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is reacting coolly to New Haven Mayor John DeStefano's plan to ask the state legislature to allow illegal immigrants who live in the city to vote in municipal elections.
Malloy said Wednesday that "it's not an idea that I'm particularly comfortable with." The Democratic governor said he believes there are obligations and privileges that come with legal citizenship.

Malloy said he's still willing to "hear the mayor out" on his proposal, which follows the lead of other cities.
Immigrants who are in the U.S. legally or illegally, and may not vote now, would still be unable to vote in state or federal elections.
DeStefano said illegal immigrants pay taxes indirectly through rent and send their kids to New Haven schools and should be able to vote.

A citizen is a participatory member of a political community. Citizenship is gained by meeting the legal requirements of a national, state, or local government. A nation grants certain rights and privileges to its citizens. In return, citizens are expected to obey their country's laws and defend it against its enemies.
The value of citizenship varies from nation to nation. In some countries, citizenship can mean a citizen has the right to vote, the right to hold government offices, and the right to collect unemployment insurance payments, to name a few examples.
Living in a country does not mean that a person is necessarily a citizen of that country. Citizens of one country who live in a foreign country are known as aliens. Their rights and duties are determined by political treaties and by the laws of the country in which they stay. In the United States, aliens must obey the laws and pay taxes, just as U.S. citizens do. They must register with the U.S. government to obtain legal permission to stay for an extended length of time. Legal aliens are entitled to protection under the law and to use of the courts. They may also own property, carry on business, and attend public schools. But aliens cannot vote or hold government office. In some states they are not allowed to practice certain professions until they become citizens.
Under United States law, a noncitizen national is a person who is neither a citizen nor an alien but who owes permanent loyalty to the United States. People in this category have some but not all of the rights of citizens. For example, inhabitants of a United States territory may not have the right to vote. Noncitizen nationals of the United States include those people on the Pacific islands of American Samoa who were born after the territory was taken over by the United States in 1900.
Ward Whipple
Editor, Civic Leader

Here's a Progressive definition of citizen:
cit·i·zen  (st-zn)
1. A person owing loyalty to and entitled by birth or naturalization to the protection of a state or nation.
2. A resident of a city or town, especially one entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there.
3. A civilian.
4. A native, inhabitant, or denizen of a particular place: "We have learned to be citizens of the world, members of the human community" (Franklin D. Roosevelt).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MF Global Employee Indicated Corzine Knew Loans Were Made From Customer Accounts

During Senate Hearing, MF Global Employee Terry Duffy says that Corzine knew loans were made from customer accounts (December 13, 2011)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A President of Honor (VIDEO)

Regardless of who you plan on voting for, please watch this video.
Five retired military heroes offer their support for Governor Rick Perry for President. This is a VERY POWERFUL video.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Congressman Joe Walsh Announces 8th District Run at Chicago Tea Party 12/8/2011

This is an excellent video of Congressman Joe Walsh. While talking to the audience about the imminent threat the Democrats are to the very existence of our country he announces he will run again for office. This announcement was made at the Cubby Bear on 12/8/2011 at the Chicago Tea Party monthly meeting.

Rep. Issa Accuses Eric Holder of Lying To Congress And Resisting Being Sworn In To Testify Before Congress

Rep. Issa Accuses Eric Holder of Lying To Congress And Resisting Being Sworn In To Testify Before Congress
From: oversightandreform  | Dec 8, 2011

Fox News Sean Hannity Show

Issa Pushes Holder for Truth on Handling of Fast and Furious~

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, questions Attorney General during a House Judiciary Committee hearing about Operation Fast and Furious and whether he would be willing to testify before OGR in January.

Gowdy Questions AG Holder on Key Players Involved with Fast & Furious:

Rep. Dennis Ross to AG Holder: You Can Delegate Authority, But You Cannot Delegate Responsibility

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) questions Attorney General Holder on the failed and deadly Operation Fast and Furious during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on December 8, 2011.

Rep. Trey Gowdy to AG Holder: Wiretaps for Operation Fast & Furious and Hierarchy of Key DOJ Players:

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) questions Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee on Operation Fast and Furious.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz to AG Holder: Where Is Communication B/W DOJ, Obama Administration, & Mexican Gov't?

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) questions Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee hearing about Operation Fast and Furious.

Issa on Fast & Furious: AG Holder and DOJ Continue To Delay Oversight Investigation

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, questions Attorney General Eric Holder during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on December 8, 2011.

Rep. Steve King Questions Holder on Fast and Furious and Pigford Farmers settlement:

Congressman Steve King Questions Attorney General Holder on Fast & Furious and Pigford Farmers - 12/8/2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

National Guard Soldier Arrested For Not Wanting to Fire On American Citizens (must watch)

It's not going to be a walk through the park Guys. Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.
mirrored from SsgMercerTD on Dec 8, 2011

SsgMercerTD's webcam video December 8, 2011 11:02 AM


Inside former employees' lawsuit against former governor Corzine, executives over brokerage firm's collapse and lost billions.

CROSS POST: MF Global Looted Customers' Accounts Via Internal Bank Run Just Days Before Declaring Bankruptcy!


David Horowitz Releases Must See Video: Obama- The Anti-Israel President

Yet another video exposing the disdain President Obama feels toward the nation of Israel.

"David Horowitz Releases Must See Video: Obama- The Anti-Israel President

"Thanks to the David Horowitz Freedom Center for this video."

Envoy’s anti-Semitism analysis creates new problem for Obama administration with Jewish groups 
Obama Administration Pressuring Israel to Help Rebuild Hamas Terror - Offering $900 Million!
New York Jews rebuke Obama's anti-Israel policies
Obama's anti-Israel speech should surpise no one
Obama backs envoy after Israel remarks 
Obama's Anti-Israel UN Speech  
Reports: Netanyahu 'Humiliated' by Obama Snub

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Obama Says Capitalism And Liberty Don't Work-Apparently He Wants America To Look Like Greece

Speaking in Kansas where Teddy Roosevelt advocated for socialism 101 years ago, President Obama argues against free markets, explaining that the founders concept of a capitalist society doesn't work, and the risks of liberty are too great. It's bigger government that's needed.

‘Legalized Bribery’: How Bad is Congressional Insider Trading? You Might be Shocked at Some of the Details Revealed by Glenn Beck and Peter Schweizer

“How can we fix our country with this going on?” Glenn Beck asks Peter Schweizer.
“We can’t,” Schweizer responds, shaking his head. “And you know, Glenn, if we can’t fix this?”
“You can’t fix anything,” Beck says, finishing the sentence for him.
What are they discussing that’s so serious as to prohibit America from being fixed? Congressional insider trading.
In case you‘re unfamiliar with Washington’s most recent scandal, Peter Schweizer has written a bombshell book titled “Throw Them all Out” that carefully details multiple cases where members of Congress have made outrageous gains in the stock market by trading on information available only to them. Ordinarily, that’s called “insider trading” and it’s highly illegal. Yet, somehow, Congress is able to get away with it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


The House Floor Speech about the military banning the bible starts at 4:28

"No Religious items, i.e., bibles, reading materials, and or artifacts are allowed to be given away or used during a visit"
Walter Reed Bans Bibles 9.14.11

***Breaking News*** As we were about to hit the send button on this email, FRC received word that the military may have rescinded its Bible ban. We will have more to report on Monday.
The soldiers who wake up in Walter Reed Medical Center are in Maryland--not communist China. But under the Navy's new rules, they may not know the difference! After months of peeling away the military's core values, Obama's army is on the move. And this time, it has a high-value target: the Bible. In a memo obtained by FRC, Navy officials have announced that "no religious items (including Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit." The new orders are buried in a four-page document about patient care, which an Army officer forwarded to us in disbelief. Effective immediately, families, friends, and even pastors will have to check their beliefs at the door to visit one of the largest military hospitals in the United States.
Last night, after we circulated the memo to leaders on the Hill, an outraged Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) took to the House floor and blasted the policy. "Mr. Speaker, these military men and women who are recovering at Walter Reed and Bethesda have given their all for America ... They've defended and taken an oath to the Constitution, and here they are. The people that come to visit them can't bring a religious artifact? They can't bring a Bible? ...A priest can't walk in with the Eucharist and offer communion to a patient who might be on their deathbed because it's prohibited in this memo from the Department of the Navy?"
This is Obama's military, where homosexuality is celebrated and Christianity is censored; where witches are financed and crosses are scorned; where bestiality is embraced and Bibles are banned; where same-sex "weddings" are encouraged but international charity is not. After three years of ideological warfare, the administration's intent is clear: to disarm the military of its biggest weapon. Faith. Regardless of President Obama's agenda, there is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that empowers the government to stop family members from giving Bibles or crosses to their loved ones. And from a PR standpoint, I'm not sure the best way to boost approval ratings is by denying comfort to wounded warriors. Unfortunately for our troops, who have endured so much turmoil under the Obama administration, this is another blow. Hopefully, with the help of Congressman King and others, it's only a temporary one.
It was a grueling three hours for officials at Health and Human Services (HHS), but Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) certainly got his point across. Yesterday, in a packed room, House leaders pounced on the Obama administration for its religious bias in government outreach. At the heart of the discussion was HHS's decision to cut off funding for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' (USCCB) program for sex trafficking victims. Despite scoring the second highest in HHS's own evaluation process, political appointees refused to renew USCCB's contract, and sources inside the agency say the group's pro-life beliefs--not its program delivery--were to blame. George Sheldon, the Obama appointee who made the final decision (against the recommendations of his own staffers), took the brunt of yesterday's criticism.
Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.), who regularly highlights the problem of sex trafficking in Congress, talked about the abuse of the HHS process. "In this system, grants are becoming earmarks." Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) asked Sheldon what was on everyone's mind: " Why do you have a point system if you are going to ignore it? ...What score would have been good enough to award the USCCB? What else could they have done other than scoring high enough, performing well and being recommended by career staff?" Another friend of FRC, Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R-N.Y.), explained how traumatizing it would be to push abortion on women who are already suffering physically and emotionally. While the matter is far from over, we congratulate Chairman Issa and others for taking the time to spotlight the corruption at HHS. Maybe next time, officials will think twice about discriminating against organizations like the USCCB.


U.S. Military to Rescind Policy Banning Bibles at Hospital

Walter Reed National Military Medical Center said they are rescinding a policy that prohibits family members of wounded military troops from bringing Bibles or any religious reading materials to their loved ones.
The decision to rescind the ban on Bibles came exactly one day after a Republican lawmaker denounced the policy on the House floor and called on President Obama to publicly renounce the military policy.
“The President of the United States should address this and should excoriate the people who brought about this policy and the individual who brought it about should be dismissed from the United States Military,” Rep. Steve King (R-IA) told Fox News & Commentary.
King spoke from the House floor Thursday blasting a policy memorandum from the commander of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center written by Chief of Staff C.W. Callahan. The September 14th memo covers guidelines for “wounded, ill, and injured partners in care.”
“No religious items (i.e. Bibles, reading material, and/or artifacts) are allowed to be given away or used during a visit,” the policy states.
“That means you can’t bring in a Bible and read from it when you visit your son or your daughter, perhaps – or your wife or husband,” King said. “It means a priest that might be coming in to visit someone on their death bed couldn’t bring in the Eucharist, couldn’t offer Last Rites. This is the most outrageous affront.”
A spokesperson for the medical center told Fox News late Friday that the policy will be rewritten and its intent will be made “crystal clear.”
“The instructions about the Bibles and reading material have been rescinded,” said Sandy Dean, a public affairs officer for Walter Reed. “It will be written to articulate our initial intention which was to respect religious and cultural practices of our patients.”
Dean said the instruction was “in no way meant to prohibit family members from providing religious items to their loved ones at all.”
If that’s the case, why is the policy being rescinded?
“We don’t want there to be any misinterpretation of what we’re trying to say,” she told Fox News. “We appreciate Congressman King bringing this to our attention. We don’t want our instructions to be ambiguous.”
We appreciate him bringing it to our attention.
Rep. King said the military has some explaining to do.
“I don’t think there’s any excuse for it and there’s no talking it away,” King told Fox News. “The very existence of this, whether it’s enforced or not, tells you what kind of a mindset is there.”
“The idea that these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines that have fought to defend our Constitution, and that includes our First Amendment rights to religious liberty –would be denied that religious liberty when they are lying in a hospital bed recovering from wounds incurred while defending that liberty is the most bitter and offensive type of an irony that I can think of,” he said.
The policy has brought strong condemnation from religious and conservative advocacy groups.
“It flies in the face of not only the Bill of Rights, but 200 years of federal law,” said Ken Klukwoski, of the Family Research Council. “This current administration is showing unprecedented hostility towards those practicing the Christian faith.”
“But beyond that,” he told Fox News, “We’ve also seen a militantly secular attitude of trying to sterilize the Defense Department of all references to faith.”
Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, echoed Rep. King’s demand that whoever is responsible for the memo be fired.
“It cannot be allowed to stand,” Land told Fox News. “It must be rescinded and the people responsible for perpetrating it should be fired.”
Land said the policy “shows the ugly face of the pseudo-tolerance of secularism.”
“They claim to be tolerant but this is as intolerant as you can be – to not allow wounded soldiers to have religious artifacts,” Land said.
King said Americans must “take a very strong stand.”
“Christians are generally nice people and for that reason they can victimize the Christians in this country,” he said. “There was a reason that Christ gave us the demonstration of righteous anger when he threw the money changers out of the temple. It gives us some license to throw these kinds of people out of the military.”
King said he’s been alarmed at a trend he’s seen to scrub Christianity from the military – most recently the decision to remove a cross from an Army chapel in northern Afghanistan because it violated Army regulations.
He placed the blame on the Obama Administration.
“This is Orwellian,” he said. “Who would have believed even two or five years ago that the Executive branch of government led by our Commander in Chief Barack Obama would produce some kind of document that would prohibit family members coming into our military hospitals
Klukwoski said he’s noticed a similar trend in what he called “anti-faith measures.”
“We are seeing a shocking level of hostility towards religious faith but beyond that – we’ve also seen a militantly secular attitude of trying to sterilize the defense department of all references to faith and references,” he said.