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Friday, December 3, 2010

Marshall Ganz~Camp Obama

CAMP OBAMA: Dean Lays Out the Creepy Saul Alinsky Ties That Got Obama Elected

12/03/2010 This video appeared on The Blaze today. 

I had come across this man about a year ago.  The links are some sites and additional video that expose this community organizer and the tactics used by this "Saul Alinksy" disciple.  

When I came across these articles and videos, I wondered why I hadn't heard anything about him. It became quite obvious that this man was instrumental in Barack Obama winning the 2008 Presidential election.

Now that Glenn has pulled the curtain back on this "community organizer", I anticipate that we will hear more about him. It is of grave concern to me that, as a teacher at Harvard Kennedy School of Government,  he has an endless supply of organizers to groom using his propaganda.

Camp Obama  

Camp Obama Blog 

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Marshall Ganz:Healthcare and Civil Disobedience 

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Harvard edu: Practicing Democracy Network 

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 Harvard edu: Organizing:Learning Practice 2006

Harvard edu: Organizing course 2006 

John Marshall Law School~Program in Community Organizing Marks Work of Saul Alinsky, Obama, and Others 


Transparent Democracy 

Harvard Kennedy School:Center For Public Leadership

Harvard edu:The Politics of Evangelical Identity in the United States and Canada 

University of Richmond~Jepson School of Leadership Studies 

Aid On The Edge~Lessons in distributed leadership from the Obama Campaign 





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