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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Steve Malzberg Interviews Jeff Kuhner - If The Truth Got Out About Obama There Would Be A Civil War

Steve Malzberg Interviews Jeff Kuhner - If The Truth Got Out About Obama There Would Be A Civil War 

Check out  what The Washington Time’s Jeffrey Kuhner had to say on the Steve Malzberg Show re Obama’s fake Christianity, and the birth certificate controversy…

This interview is from Dec. 30:

Malzberg articulated my thoughts on the BC issue. Frankly I’m smelling a rat – some collusion between Obama and fellow Marxist, Abercrombie. My own feeling is that there’s something definitely embarrassing on the birth certificate, like his given name is Barry – not Barack – as he has said on so many many occasions. But we will probably never know.

As for the Muslim attacks on Christians over Christmas, Gabe notes over at Ace O Spades HQ, that the President has broken his silence: Obama Now Lying About Fictitious Muslim Victims of the New Years Attack on Christian Church
What is wrong with this man? Is his worldview so dependent on believing that Muslims are a victim class that he simply cannot help but create Muslim victims in an attack on Christians?
Gee, why do people continue to doubt this man’s Christianity?

See also: Jack Cashill at The American Thinker: Will Obama Silence Blundering Abercrombie?

Cashill thinks Abercrombie is off the reservation – opening his big piehole on the BC issue – clearly not appreciated by the powers that be:
Obama and his operatives would invest enormous political capital in what sympathetic biographer David Remnick calls his “signature appeal: the use of the details of his own life as a reflection of a kind of multicultural ideal.”  From the beginning, they worked hard to protect the investment and did what they had to do to keep the storytellers in line.

Abercrombie may not have gotten the memo.  Although the president was likely born in the United States, he may not have been born in Hawaii, he may not have been born in August 1961, he may not have been the son of Barack Sr., or he may have simply been listed as “white” on his birth certificate.

The truth is that the storied little family never lived together.  Any fact that blew the storyline could have derailed Obama’s candidacy before it got going.  Expect the Abercrombie fuss to just sort of fade away.
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