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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuscon's Mexican-American Studies Class Advocates Overthrowing Of The USA

In Tucson, AZ there is a LaRaza Mexican-American studies class that promotes the overthrow of the United States of America. 

Loretta Hunnicutt  (, a liberal democrat is bravely fighting this curriculum and agreed to come on Glenn's show to expose the radical cirriculum.

It seems that a professor at The University of Arizona is producing these young radicals who support this anti-American studies program that want to teach the children treason. Professor Roberto Rodriguez, professor of Mexican-American Studies at the University of Arizona, is seen in one of the videos leading these children in these protests.

Our country is under attack in many areas of the United States.

On TV today, Glenn addressed the problem of indoctrination. He referred to Tucson Indoctrination Program, the curriculum can be read here. For more info, go to local journalist Mike Shaw’s website here. The Blaze reports (read the full story here):

At a Tucson Unified School District school board meeting on Tuesday — which was a make-up for one canceled after students chained themselves to board-room desks on April 26 — riot police were called in to restore order after program supporters become restless during the public input section of the meeting.

So what exactly has the protesters upset? The answer may surprise you. As we’ve previously reported, the district isn’t trying to ban the program outright. Instead, it wants to make a controversial history class — that calls for “death to the invaders” and was found to advocate overthrowing the U.S. government — an elective instead of allowing it to substitute for required history credits. That’s it. And the disturbing class would still be available to students.
But that’s not the rhetoric coming from the supporters. They’re trumpeting the message that the district is trying to eliminate the program altogether, a tactic used to stir up anger and action.
“Last week brave students from UNIDOS took over the Tucson Union School Board meeting and turned it into a pachanga,” a petition e-mail supporting the student action, and obtained by The Blaze, says. “They chained themselves to the seats to prevent the school board from voting to put ethnic studies on the chopping block. Their action worked.”
Outrage over the program isn’t split down liberal vs. conservative lines. As local citizen journalist Mike Shaw recently found out, some of the biggest advocates of removing the program and class are liberals and Democrats. He also found those who believe the student protest movement is being organized by a state university professor
Glenn will have more on indoctrination on Friday’s TV show at 5pm ET on FOX News


Ward Churchill Spotted at TUSD Board Uprising

Students who chained themselves to chairs in order to stop the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Board from taking action against "Mexican-American Studies" the other night may have had some rather infamous company.

Remember Ward Churchill?  The Former Ethnic Studies Professor and activist that was fired from the University of Colorado?  The one who pretended to be an American Indian?  The one who called 9-11 victims "Little Eichmann's"?  Yeah, that Ward Churchill.  He was apparently in Tucson supporting the students who took over a TUSD Board Meeting.

Here is a rather long and poorly shot video of what took place on Tuesday.  Pay attention to the guy leaning on the podium in the middle of the room.  (I know it's hard with the excessive zooming and panning).  Churchill can be seen chanting along at 1:57, 2:35, 3:30ish and 5:39.  I have posted freezes below the video.
So why was he there? Did someone bring him in? He certainly appeared to be having a good time. Mysteries for now.

If you've forgotten some of the controversies that led to Ward Churchill's firing from the University of Colorado, here is an instructive refresher link: 
Michelle Malkin's Ward Churchill Category

(h/t the fine folks who run

UPDATE:  Daily KOS article from April 27th also mentions Ward's presence at the meeting.
Source for this story and additional photos of this event: Mike Shaw TV


Tucson’s Mexican-American Studies Problem

Specifically, Tucson Unified School District's Mexican-American Studies Problem as assisted by the University of Arizona's Mexican-American Studies Program.

I can hear the cries of "racist" already.  To which I will counter, "Hey, some of my best friends are Mexican-American's."

America saw the results of teaching a racist curriculum to an impressionable group of kids and many may be wondering, "what is going on down there?"  I spend nearly 8 minutes trying to answer that question, and honestly, it's not nearly enough time.  Many thanx to the fine folks with Tucsonans United for Sound Districts ( for all of the information.  Loretta Hunnicutt, her husband John and long-time educator Richard Kronberg have decided to stand for what is right even though they are paying a high personal price.

Watch the video and please excuse my voice.  I've been coughing all week and it's fading.  Still, I hope the story gives you a better idea of what La Raza Studies is all about at TUSD.

The next meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, May 3, 2011.  The School Board is determined to have a vote and is expected to return Mexican-American Studies to elective only status.  Currently, students can take La Raza Studies (as it was formally known as) as a core History credit.  Meanwhile, students are on record saying they will do everything they can to prevent a vote.  Should be an interesting meeting.  I hope the La Raza folk aren't planning anything drastic.

As for the University of Arizona Professor that is apparently very much involved in the alleged indoctrination of students.  There is a much larger story there.  From what I know at this time, it sounds like Professor Roberto Rodriguez, professor of Mexican-American Studies at the University of Arizona, is hoping to export Tucson's version of Mexican-American Studies to the rest of the country.  Hopefully, if time allows, I can do a story of how Social Justice is being taught overtly and covertly to America's future teachers and administrators at the U of A and across the country.

The light is the best disinfectant. 

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Source:Mike Shaw TV


TUSD board postpones vote on ethnic studies issue 

Posted: May 03, 2011 7:57 PM CDT   

Updated: May 11, 2011 10:27 AM CDT 

After a school board meeting that lasted for more than four hours, the Tucson Unified School District's governing board members voted to postpone voting on the controversial ethnic studies program, and announced they would hold public forums in the near future.

The decision came after chaos broke out at the meeting.

The crowd turned uncivil at Tuesday night's TUSD board meeting to discuss its ethnic studies program.

A call to the audience became an opportunity for audience members to confront the district board about its plans for the program. It grew raucous at times, with one man saying the board's actions were "disgraceful," and that he hoped the board members would "go to hell for it."

Many in the crowd yelled "shame on you" at the board members.

The board was forced to take a break when the crowd refused to relent and allow the meeting to continue after the 30 minutes allotted for audience comments had expired.

They later reconvened and eventually voted to delay action on the ethnic studies program until a public forum can be held.

Several people have been thrown out of the meeting, escorted by police.

Earlier reports:
When capacity in the room had been reached, the doors were locked and speakers were set up for the overflow crowd outside.

The meeting has been called to order. Security officials are standing in rows, as people chant "No vote."

KOLD's JD Wallace reports that the crowd outside TUSD is listening to the meeting from large speakers. The doors are locked, ID is required and a visitor checklist is in use.

The police blocking all doorways.

KOLD's Sonu Wasu reports that people in the crowd are demanding to know the racial breakdown of the students. The board's response:

  • 60.5 percent Hispanic
  • 5.7 percent African American
  • 25 percent white
  • 3.9 percent Native American
  • Rest mixed
Last Tuesday, students forced the cancellation of the meeting when they chained themselves to board members' chairs.

Board president Mark Stegeman promised that would not be repeated tonight. Security is tight and the meeting will be broadcast to the people who are unable to get inside.

Opponents are against a proposed plan to make the history and government portions of the Mexican-American Studies program elective courses.

The English and literature portions would remain as they are.

Stegeman's idea is to make changes now before the state forces the issue later this month.

That's when the Arizona Department of Education finishes looking into whether the M-A-S program violates a new state law, a statute Stegeman calls "terrible."
Source: KOLD News

UPDATE: 5/12/11

Shocking Excerpts Read at Tucson School Board Meeting From A Book In The Ethic Studies Curriculum

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  1. And we wonder why we are seeing such divides among the different races of people who make up America. We like every Country in this world has had things we are not so proud of but we also have a history that is rich in fighting for the freedom for all people. We need to pay attention to who is teaching and what they are teaching our children. They are our future and if we have Radicals trying to teach them hate and anger we will see racial division like we have never seen it. I am glad that my family... hundreds of years ago came to America. I would not want to be any other place. Why aren't we teaching patriotism, love of Country & our fellow man? These are the things that make us strong,not teaching them to hate other races & their Country. Instead I see children being encouraged to chain themselves to chairs, students going to an opponents speaking engagement and shouting them down and throwing food at them. Mass chanting, drum beating, trampling the American Flag...Look to the Teachers and Professors and try to hire people who can present both sides of an issue without substituting in their own angry racially divisive beliefs to create anger and uprising. These Institutions are paid for with our tax dollars and we should be watchful of those who want to overthrow America and the way of life that so many have fought for and have left other Countries to be part of. I am not a Liberal but commend Lorretta Honnicutt for her courage to tell the truth!
    (didn't like the comment as choices) *Chris*