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Thursday, November 3, 2011




This video needs to go viral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I believe this is the light at the end of the tunnel.  A sleeping giant has been awakened and we will stand against the evil that is trying to destroy our country.  These sheriff's have figured it out and I believe this is just the start of a movement to take a stand against this tyrannical federal government.


UPDATE 11/15/11

U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!

Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team

As more people became dissatisfied with federal government controls and land grabs, it was inevitable that local law enforcement would eventually see the bigger picture. At the northern California fairgrounds of Yreka last month, seven California sheriffs and another from Oregon gathered with a large group of citizens to say that they are finally going to do something about it.
“A giant has been awakened,” said Plumas County, Calif. Sheriff Greg Hagwood, “and they didn’t count on that,” speaking of the federal bureaucracy.

With exposure of the Emergency Management Center in San Luis Obispo a few decades ago, California began to offer the rest of the nation some evidence of the psychological conditioning aimed from the federal level at state, county and city law enforcement.
Dean Wilson, sheriff of Del Norte County (Sacramento), is a great example of this great awakening. He received the loudest and longest applause  for his candor in confessing past faults after apologizing for not understanding the central government assault and land grab being committed against the people and what he should have been doing about it. Only in the past year has he done a turnaround and begun to behave as a county sheriff instead of an extension of federal law enforcement.
“I had spent a good part of my life enforcing the penal code, but not understanding my oath of office,” he told the audience. “I was ignorant and naïve, but now I know of the assault against our people by the federal government.”



 By John Bowman
 Yreka, Calif. —
About 700 people attended a meeting at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds on Saturday sponsored by the activism group Defend Rural America, founded by Idaho native Kirk MacKenzie.
The meeting consisted of a film, a fundraising auction and discussions with a panel of eight sheriffs from Northern California and Southern Oregon.
A charter bus brought more than 40 people from the Bay Area and around 250 people from other areas outside of Siskiyou County, according to Liz Bowen of Scott Valley Protect Our Waters (POW), who co-organized the event.
More than 10 political action groups were in attendance, distributing information about candidates, ballot initiatives and issue-specific campaigns.
 The event got underway with the premier of a documentary film by MacKenzie about the Klamath dam removal issue and how it relates to the current status of rural communities in Siskiyou County and around the country.
The film presented a wide array of concerns about the federal government’s role in land management and its impacts on rural economies and communities.
Many Siskiyou County residents were featured in the film, speaking about potential effects of dam removal and wider-ranging topics such as the influence of the United Nations and environmental groups on rural communities.
After the film and the auction, the panel of sheriffs, including Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey and a property rights attorney, took the stage to address their concerns about the challenges they believe rural communities are facing.
Lopey began the panel discussion by presenting his views about Klamath dam removal, what he sees as federal government incursion into state and county jurisdictions, and the current state of rural America.
Lopey told the audience that many sheriffs in Northern California and Southern Oregon are becoming increasingly concerned about government taking power out of the hands of citizens and making poor land use decisions that have the potential to destroy the “rural way of life.”
“These are constitutional issues,” Lopey told the crowd.
“We are here because sheriffs are sworn to uphold the United States constitution. We are broke, so why are these people doing stupid stuff to make us poorer?” Lopey asked, referring to concerns about the costs associated with Klamath dam removal, and higher taxes and power rates that may come along with the process.
Del Norte County Sheriff Dean Wilson told the audience that “there is an assault on our communities. The government is denying us of our resources that make us self-sustaining. We have allowed this to happen to our country, but our founding fathers gave us the tools to fix it. We can take back our country county by county.”
Nearly every sheriff mentioned concerns about decommissioning of roads in publicly owned forests and the lack of government coordination with local officials during the process.
Trinity County Sheriff Bruce Haney said roads in national forests are essential for search and rescue missions in remote areas.
Haney also expressed his concerns about the influence of government and environmentalists.
“The federal government is being inundated by environmentalists,” Haney said. “Our youth are being indoctrinated by the public schools system and colleges.”
Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood said, “Events like this are something that hasn’t happened before. There is an awakening of a giant here.”
Every sheriff received a standing ovation after their opening statements, and many of the panel’s comments were punctuated with applause throughout the discussion.
For more information about Defend Rural America, visit

– John Bowman can be reached at
Source: SiskiyouDaily
Here are eight county sheriffs from Northern CA and Southern OR speaking on at panel at the Defend Rural America event October 22, 2011 in Yreka. Despite the low media coverage there were about 700 people in attendance from all over California, Oregon and as far away as Wyoming. The sheriffs made it perfectly clear that they are the last line of defense for their citizens and given authority by the 10th Amendment. YOU will be a source of information beyond the lame stream media by forwarding this link! For further information:
For information on the Constitutional Sheriff

To view the full video:
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Chapter markers (click the link to jump to topic)
00:00 Event starts
01:18 Introduction: Sheriff Jon Lopey Siskiyou County CA
02:29 Sheriffs and the Constitution?
03:15 Why are the Sheriffs involved?
10:15 Sheriff Dean Wilson Del Norte County CA
11:26 Sheriff Wilson talks about the Oath of Office
11:53 Government land access restrictions Travel Management Plan
07:50 Sheriff Bruce Haney Trinity County CA We're in it together
18:00 The Travel Plan is to keep us off the roads
19:55 We need to educate our youth
22:00 Pledges to stand with the sheriffs
22:48 Sheriff Tom Bosenko Shasta County CA on Travel Plan
24:00 Invasion of foreign nationals growing Marijuana
26:08 TANK effort to anex land for power transmission
26:53 Prison Realinement Program AB 109
28:54 Public Safety is in the Constitution
30:17 Sheriff Jon Lopey Siskiyou County CA bad economy
31:51 Taking the dams down will create flooding and fire hazzards
32:53 Actions the Federal and state agencies are taking are unconstitutional
33:37 Sheriff Greg Hagwood Plumas County CA The sheriffs are united
35:04 This is the awakening of a giant
36:01 Travel Management Plan and newspaper interview
38:34 Elected officials should not be applauded for simply doing thier duty
40:07 Oath of Office
42:25 Karen Budd-Falen Wyoming Proplerty Rights Attorney
42:49 Attornies take an oath to uphold the Constitution
43:10 The Constitution is the Foundation
43:40 Citizens can do anything that the law doesn't prohibit
45:57 Daniel Webster wrote the Dictionary to protect the meaning of the words in the constitution
46:48 God gave you Rights
47:40 Property Rights and the Constitution
48:42 The Federal government pays environmental groups
51:40 Sheriff Glenn E Palmer Grant County OR
54:30 Oath of Office
57:35 You can read the Constitution and don't let them take your property rights
59:03 Sheriff Dave Hencratt Tehama County CA Sheriff Greg Growden Lassen County CA

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