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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

Thank God for James O'Keefe and his associates for their continued pursuit of the truth about the massive voter fraud that the left is using to steal our election.  

Ironically, I had just told my daughter the other day that I suspected that, in addition to the obvious methods they use to commit voter fraud,  people were getting registered in multiple states in order to vote multiple times as well.  

I am absolutely convinced this will happen in Wisconsin for the Walker recall election.  It will be interesting to see how many new registrations have been done over the last year for the clear intention of voting against him even though that voter doesn't truly live in that state.

Please contribute, if you can, to help them continue their mission to shine the light on these criminals.  
Please share this with all you know. ~Michele

"It's not who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes"
- Joseph Stalin 

"After our investigation in Washington, D.C., the office of the Attorney General of the United States accused Project Veritas of "manufacturing" voter fraud when we showed how easily ballots were offered in the District of Columbia -- even the ballot of Eric Holder himself.
I admit when I heard the word "manufactured" it struck a nerve.
With our small team and the support of our donors, we sought to expose not just how fraud happens, but to take the investigation to the extreme by stating the names of voters who also identified themselves as non-citizens.
Last Tuesday, we did just that in North Carolina.
With the power of transparency in our hands through public information, we cross-checked the voter roles with forms where individuals had declined jury duty for being non-citizens.
It appears as if at least one individual either perjured themselves on the Durham County Jury Excusal Form or is not a U.S. Citizen who is registered to vote.
Our attempts to verify their citizenship directly with the individuals were met with obfuscation and hostility so we left it up to state officials to investigate – only to be told that "voting is a public policing open process" by the Deputy Director of the Wake County Board of Elections.
Our North Carolina investigation has been taxing and one of our most intensive investigations this year – and the work speaks for itself.
As you will see, our top investigators, dressed in outrageous costumes, speaking a foreign language, covered in bandages and . .  . yes, being offered ballots each and every time for individuals who declared themselves non-citizens.
This was a long and expensive investigation that exposed both fraud and the hypocrisy of those who repeatedly state that no voter fraud exists.
You'll see an election judge say that he will "mostly support" the Constitution and then go on to state, "We need somebody to run over Scalia first."
Then you'll see for yourself the hypocrisy of a state-funded school, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where we have NUMEROUS administrators embrace our investigator who appears to be behind "Operation Chaos" to commit mass voter fraud within the state.
To top it all off, we have a director of the "new ACORN", Coalition to Protect Families, compare voter fraud to "speeding" and advising with a wink and a nod, "There's even less enforcement of these laws than there are of those."
Our staff was up all night finishing this video and the reaction just within the first few hours has been tremendous.
Just minutes ago, commentator and political icon Michelle Malkin gave us a generous donation and tweeted, "I just donated to Project Veritas to support America's best election integrity watchdogs. Have you?"
I'm extremely grateful for Mrs. Malkin's support and yours.  If you can, after your watch our video, please make a donation on that same page.  Click here to get started.
Thanks again for your ongoing support.  With the support of our generous donors, Project Veritas has already made an incredible impact this year.
Help us continue the fight."
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  1. You guys have guts! Lend some to the GOP please.

  2. During the primary election last week here in North Carolina, my 15 year old daughter was with my wife and I in line to vote. When we got to the table to verify our names on the rolls, the lady checking us in, asked my daughter was she not going to vote. When we told her that she wasn't old enough, the lady shrugged her shoulders, and made the comment " well that's ok it doesn't really matter". Both my wife and I just gave each other a look like "Did I just hear that". We happen to vote in a very heavily Democratic precent by the way.

    1. That is shocking but, sadly, not surprising. My number one fear for this next election is voter fraud. I have been researching it for quite some time and the fraud that will be committed in this election will be beyond what anyone can imagine. Sadly, even if someone is caught, the penalty, in many cases, is nothing more than what they would get for SHOPLIFTING! We MUST get laws on the books that will put these Criminals in prison for years and a HEAVY fine that might deter people in the future.