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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Small business paramilitary raids by IRS, DOJ documentary released

Small business paramilitary raids by IRS, DOJ documentary released

A short documentary “Rampant INjustice Exposes Federal Abuse of Power” was released late last night by Jan Morgan of JanMorganMedia shows that between 2009 and 2011, the blatant trampling of the Constitutional rights of Americans during white collar crime investigations by the Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service, increased substantially, under the Obama administration.

During that period, IRS audits against small businesses increased 32%.

Among hundreds of businesses raided by the IRS and Department of Justice, using paramilitary tactics, the documentary profiles such known companies as Mountain Pure Water Bottling Company and Duncan Outdoors, Inc., both situated in Arkansas and Gibson Guitar located in Tennessee.

“This documentary is not about the guilt or innocence of the citizens involved. It is about the increasing number of unconstitutional, paramilitary, gestapo style raid tactics involving two agencies of the federal government,” said Jan Morgan, an AP Award winning Investigative TV Journalist and Conservative Columnist.

Jan said that these are white collar crime investigations where heavily armed, hostile government raids by 40 to 50 agents are being utilized as opposed to a few agents entering the businesses with proper search warrants to acquire the financial records sought.

“Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the tactics, the constitutional rights of citizens who work in these businesses, yet have nothing to do with the financial transactions of the owners, have been undeserved victims of these frightening raids…unlawfully detained for hours, intimidated, interrogated without the presence of a lawyer and their personal property confiscated,” Morgan said.

Gary Duncan, a former Green Beret who served for two decades and owner of raided Duncan Outdoors said, “I think that as the result of the raid, a lot of people, whose opinion of…of my integrity would be damaged…and that bothers me a lot. My credibility will be damaged forever.”

“You know when something that negative and that powerful is done to you…you have nothing that you can do.”

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