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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LA Jewish Journal Compares Non-Violent Tea Party To Jihadists

Let the Jewish Journal Hear from You

On Friday, October 11, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, which is handed out free to virtually every synagogue in the city of Los Angeles and which has a circulation of 50,000 copies and 150,000 weekly readers, ran the following cartoon, comparing the Tea Party to Islamic jihadists.

The Journal has both readers and advertisers acutely attuned to the needs of victims of Islamist terror. For the Journal to run such a cartoon comparing Tea Partiers, who simply want less government spending, to Islamist terrorists who murder babies in pizza parlors, is despicable.

Email editor Rob Eshman at to express your displeasure.

Sample Email:

In the subject line put:  
Comparing the Tea Partiers to Islamic Suicide Bombers is Despicable

In the body of the email: 
The Journal should apologize to both the non-violent Tea Partiers, and the actual victims of Islamist terrorism mocked by this cartoon (You can change up or add any additional comments)

With your help, we can push back against the constant media bias against conservatives.

UPDATE: Jewish Journal editor Rob Eshman has released a statement in the aftermath of pressure from TruthRevolt, stating, "we are especially sensitive to the impression many have that the cartoon somehow trivializes the horrific, real suffering wrought by Islamic terrorists. That is clearly not Greenberg’s intention – and I offer my apology to anyone who sees the cartoon exclusively in that light."

Guess what, that's not good enough, all he said was he was sorry it appeared to 'trivialize' the horror of terrorism.  He never said he doesn't consider Tea Party members akin to the Islamic terrorist.   

He needs to publicly recant/renounce this despicable cartoon and comparing the freedom loving, non-violent Tea Party to terrorists.  

In case he doesn't understand the word recant, here's a definition for him:


verb \ri-ˈkant\

: to publicly say that you no longer have an opinion or belief that you once had

Full Definition of RECANT

transitive verb
:  to withdraw or repudiate (a statement or belief) formally and publicly :  renounce
:  revoke

To stay informed on the left-wing media lies, please consider following Truth Revolt.  They are on a mission to expose the lies and corruption that is plaguing our media.

Their Mission:

The media win elections for the left. It’s not the left’s competence in office; leftists have demonstrated none. It’s not the left’s ideas; leftist ideas have failed everywhere they have been tried. The left wins for one simple reason: leftists control the information distribution system in the United States. And they use that system to pillory conservatives as heartless bigots intent on harming the poor and targeting minorities.

The media must be destroyed where they stand. That is our mission at Truth Revolt. The goal of TruthRevolt is simple: unmask leftists in the media for who they are, destroy their credibility with the American public, and devastate their funding bases.

TruthRevolt focuses on high-profile media members, and holding them accountable. But TruthRevolt does not stop there. TruthRevolt understands that all politics is local, and therefore looks to fight leftist propaganda at the local level, monitoring local newspapers, television and radio. TruthRevolt also seeks to stop the left dead in its tracks when it comes to training the next generation, our college campuses.

TruthRevolt works to make advertisers and funders aware of the leftist propaganda they sponsor – and bringing social consequences to bear to create pressure on such advertisers and funders. 
This will get personal. This will get rough. We’re ready for action.

We need your help, and we want you to get involved -- not just by giving money, but by becoming a TruthRevolt fighter. See our "Join the Fight" page to learn how you can help.

If you are in a position to contribute to their cause, please do.  They don't have the George Soros funds backing them.  

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