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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe: We Did Nothing Wrong

Honor and Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Navy SEALs Who Captured the "Butcher of Fallujah"--and the Shameful Ordeal They Later Endured


On a daring nighttime raid in September 2009, a team of Navy SEALs grabbed the notorious terrorist Ahmad Hashim Abd al-Isawi, the villainous “Butcher of Fallujah,” mastermind behind the 2004 murder and mutilation of four American contractors. Within hours of his capture, al-Isawi, with his lip bleeding, claimed he had been beaten in his holding cell. Three Navy SEALs—members of the same team that had just captured the notorious terrorist—were charged with prisoner abuse, dereliction of duty, and lying. On the word of a terrorist!

The three Navy SEALs were placed under house arrest and forbidden contact with their comrades. Despite enormous pressure from their commanders to sign confessions to “lesser charges,” the three resolute and fearless SEALs each demanded a court-martial. They were determined to prove their innocence.

When Fox News broke the story about the accusations, Americans were outraged. Over 300,000 people signed petitions demanding the SEALs be exonerated. Their SEAL teammates were furious; but nothing could stop the cold determination of the military’s top brass to hang these guys out to dry—not even U.S. congressmen who petitioned the Pentagon to drop the charges.

Honor and Betrayal is a no-holds-barred account by bestselling author Patrick Robinson. It reveals for the first time the entire story, from the night the SEALs stormed the al-Qaeda desert stronghold, the accusations and legal twists and turns that followed, to the cut-and-thrust drama in the courtroom where the fate of three American heroes hung in the balance.

Congressman Ted Poe:"Abed Needs To Be Executed For His Crimes Rather Than Our Government Paying Attention To His Whining About His Capture"

May 5, 2010

 Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe: We Did Nothing Wrong

Thursday, 07 Nov 2013
One of the Navy SEALs who was accused of prisoner abuse after capturing the notorious "Butcher of Fallujah" tells Newmax TV that he and the other two soldiers were shocked by the court martial because they had not done anything wrong.

"We couldn't understand why we were being charged or why we were being alleged to have done something that we never had done and following that, the immediate lack of trust that came with it," Matthew McCabe says in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV.

"No one was going to believe us and anything we said, no one meaning the leadership that was directly ahead of us."

McCabe and two other Navy SEALs were court martialed for prisoner abuse of Ahmad Hashim Abed al-lsawi, who earned the name "Butcher of Fallujah" as the mastermind behind the brutal murder of four American contractors in 2004 in which he "burned the Americans alive and hanged them from the bridge over the Euphrates River," co-author Robinson explains.

McCabe helped capture Abd al-lsawi in September 2009 after their base in Iraq came under attack.

McCabe explains that the three accusations against him centered around a bloody lip with is a tactic straight out of the terrorist playbook.

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Navy SEAL Matthew McCabe is a tough guy. He has to be, to belong to one of America's premiere fighting groups. That dogged determination to complete the mission, no matter what, served him well during his recent ordeal at the hands of Navy prosecutors and their stooge, Petty Officer Third Class Kevin DeMartino.

It took a seven member jury at Norfolk, Va. less than two hours to come back with a NOT GUILTY verdict in the specious case of PO/2 McCabe, a much-decorated sailor from Perrysburg, Ohio. The charges, that McCabe had "punched" a captured Iraqi terrorist suspect, said to be the "mastermind" of the grisly slaying of four American contractors in Fallujah back in 2004, fell apart after DeMartino's testimony was shown to lack credibility.

Navy JAGS, out to get another scalp, lost the case and refused to comment after the verdict came in. It was a "mugging" that failed, and deserved to.
What kind of message does it send to our men and women in uniform, as well as enemies out there who take comfort from the needless prosecution of heroes like McCabe, when testimony from scum Ahmed Hashim Abed is used to try and send a brave SEAL off to prison? Have we forgotten so soon the horrible death of four American contractors whose bodies were dragged through the streets, set afire, and strung up from a bridge as gleeful locals danced around the hideous scene?

The 24 year-old SEAL faced a year in jail and the end of his Navy career if prosecutors had been able to convince a jury McCabe "punched" the whining Abed and "kicked" the punk as he lay, handcuffed on the ground. We suspect many of our readers would get in line for a chance to administer such an attitude lesson.

Thank God he and two other SEALS, PO1 Julio Huertas and PO/2 Jonathan Keefe, were earlier found innocent of standing by while the alleged "assault" supposedly took place.

"I'm grateful all of us were found not guilty," McCabe told reporters of his fellow SEALS. "Justice has been served."

But it might well have turned out the other way. "Political correctness" and bending over backwards to prosecute our own in cases that never should have been brought to trial in the first place, are destructive of morale.

Source: Military Corruption

McCabe Maintains His Innocence
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