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Friday, January 22, 2010

Vieira to Scott Brown You're Derailing Cause of Teddy's Lifetime

1.20.10 Just one day after his STUNNING victory for the US Senate seat of Ted Kennedy, Meredith Vieira couldn't help but take a shot at Scott Brown. His victory has the MSM so upset that they honestly don't know what to do. This victory was meant to send a clear and concise message to Washington and the MSM....We don't like what's going on and we aren't going to take it any more!!!

Thank you Massachusetts for standing up for principal and not party. Thank you for getting the attention we've been trying to get of Washington, the MSM and the world!!

NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Wednesday's Today show, rained on Scott Brown's parade as she wondered if the Senator-Elect's post-victory call to Ted Kennedy's widow Vicki was an awkward moment since, as the Today co-anchor pressed, "You plan to do whatever you can to derail...the cause of his lifetime?"

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