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Saturday, January 30, 2010


These guys live in Chicago and are life-long Dems. They have a blog that supported Scott Brown and now have been threatened with physical harm by, the daily Kos and other Obama and Soros thugs...they have some interesting things to say that I think you would be interested in. This is an interview conducted on January 28, 2010 by Liz Stephans and Scott Baker of

From the Video: These are people (The Liberal Democrats) who hide their own identities while outing anonymous political bloggers, running photos of them, then heading over to Daily Kos to incite physical violence against them — where posts calling people RAAACISTS! are met with plans to “find out where they live”, “bloody their noses”, “beat them”, “get them fired.

**The following is is a very moving open letter from the bloggers of to their readers about the financial, emotional and physical threat of harm they are dealing with.  The threat is coming from Democrats that are unhappy with them for not supporting the Obama administration and coming out in support of Scott Brown for the Massachusetts Senate seat. Because they have taken this stand, they are under attack from the far left and have lost income, been threatened with physical harm and have had their personal information leaked with encouragement from the far left to go after them.  They are learning first hand the wrath of not backing the Obama agenda.  They are so disgusted with the current Democratic party, they are actively working to assist in the upcoming 2010 elections to actually unseat Dems and replace them with Conservatives or Republicans.  They are far from Conservative Republicans...they are actually Hillary supporters, but they tell a very compelling story of the Chicago Thug Politics they have lived with in Chicago and that is now running the White House.


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