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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Nothing is more obvious about this disaster than the fact that this Administration is going to bleed this catastrophe for all it's worth.  The incompetence to contain the spill is nothing short of criminal.  The blatant negligence to provide the tools needed to skim the oil in order to keep it from reaching the shores needs to be investigated fully.

The other side of this story is who is really going to benefit from this catastrophe?  There are a number of stories being leaked that Obama and his closest criminal thug friends are actually positioned to make millions off of this disaster and the 6 month drilling moratorium. Day Day 63: Obama To Earn Nearly $85 Million From Gulf Oil Disaster

June 22, 2010  U.S. Senator George LeMieux (R-FL) today sent a letter to National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen requesting a regular and public update on the number of skimmer vessels participating in the Gulf oil spill response effort.

June 22, 2010 — Senator LeMieux speaks on the floor of the U.S. Senate about his discussion with Admiral Thad Allen and President Obama concerning the Administration's refusal of foreign skimmer vessel to help with the Oil Spill clean up in the Gulf of Mexico.

June 22, 2010 |Senator LeMieux speaks on the floor of the U.S. Senate about his continued efforts to draw more skimmers, both foreign and domestic, to the Gulf of Mexico and the shores of Florida to aid in cleanup efforts of the British Petroleum oil spill.

Soros, John Podesta, Obama, and Petrobras..connecting the dots

Lastly, one has to ask why this administration is loaning $10B to a State owned oil company in Brazil known as Petrobras, a company that netted $15B in profit last year.  What is the loan for?  Deep water drilling.  So this president is banning drilling in our country but is investing in deep water drilling in Brazil. Not just deep water drilling like the Deepwater Horizon which drilled at 5,000', but they will be drilling at 14,022'. That doesn't make sense that this well will be nearly 3 times the depth of the Deepwater Horizon.

By the way, George Soros invested 100's of millions of dollars in Petrobras. In August of 2009 he repositioned himself by selling off common shares for preferred shares that pay a 10% dividend just days before the administration committed up to $10B in loans.

From Fox News August 20, 2009:
"The New York-based hedge fund firm controlled by the billionaire philanthropist and backer of Democratic causes and campaigns bought and sold millions of shares in Petrobras -- the largest of the firm's holdings -- prior to public disclosure of the Export-Import bank's offer of new credit guarantees to the Brazilian energy giant. "
US Loan to Brazilian Oil Company Riles Conservates in favor of Offshore Drilling

Soros, John Podesta, Obama, and Petrobras..connecting the dots  Great Blog with Glenn Beck's show from 6/21/10 on  this very thing.

 Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling in Brazil

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