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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our Time, Our Duty- Obama Must Resign-Demand it!!

This was sent to me on Facebook.

Lynn Vogel: Our Time, Our Duty- Obama Must Resign-Demand it!! PLEASE SHARE!!!

T0: The American People and President Barack Hussein Obama

We ask that all American citizens read and consider this document. We ask that each recognizes it is now our moment in history to act for peaceful restoration of our country. We ask that American citizens do their patriotic duty to preserve and protect the Constitution of these United Sates.

Please distribute this document by any and all available means. This must reach our state capital buildings, our US Senators and Representatives, all of our news and media outlets, our political party headquarters, our White House and every American citizen. Please email, copy and hand out to everyone you meet, mail it and talk with others about this. Saving America is our duty and the time is now. This effort requires the support and action of millions who care. Please help us before this moment and our nation is lost.

America was founded as a nation of laws, the basis of these laws were framed within our Constitution. Our birthright as Americans is the power to select our leaders who then rule with our consent. It is the duty and obligation of all leaders to prove their eligibility to attain their position. It is also the duty of these leaders to function within the framework of our Constitution which provides 3 co-equal branches of government. No office can supersede another co-equal branch or assume powers not delegated by the Constitution. We were guaranteed the right to choose leaders. We were guaranteed the right to representative government. We are guaranteed the right to replace leadership. We believe that when leaders fail to adhere to our Constitution and fundamental values we have the inalienable right to demand that these leaders resign their positions. American leaders rule by consent but that consent must be maintained and is not to be ignored once an office or position is obtained. No position in American government should be secure when removal of an elected official is demanded by a solid, vocal majority of American voters. Our government is selected by us to serve us. We demand that this concept remain as our right.

July 4th, 2010 shall be recorded in history as the day that Americans set forth to demand the resignation of President Barack Hussein Obama. We believe that Mr. Obama has failed in his duty and obligations as Chief Executive representing the American People. We believe that the actions and lack of actions of Mr. Obama's service have damaged our nation and will further diminish our nation, our security, our economy and our future prosperity. We believe that it is now our patriotic duty to demand that Mr. Obama resign from the Presidency of the United States of America effective immediately. We believe it is the duty of Mr. Obama to recognize the desires of American citizens and the best interests of the nation and resign as a matter of honor. We believe Mr. Obama has violated his oath of office and is no longer is capable of serving as President with the confidence and consent of the American People. To remain in office is to rule without consent, this is not how America is governed and we retain the right to ask for the resignation of any failed leader.

We list the following complaints as the evidence to support our demands:
1.Mr. Obama has failed to prove beyond all reasonable doubt his eligibility by birth to serve as President of the United States.

2.Mr Obama has failed his Presidential Oath of Office by failing to protect and defend the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.

3.Mr. Obama has failed to make an effort to protect the citizens of our nation against the invasion of illegal immigrants from a variety of nations through our unsecured southern border. Criminal invaders are known to pass through these borders routinely and it is the duty of the President to prevent this.

4.Mr. Obama has appointed a large number of “Czars” who are then funded and allowed to influence controls over citizens who are not able to elect or reject these un-Constitutional leaders.

5.Mr. Obama has failed in the management of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and is using the tragedy to implement regulations and penalties beyond his Constitutional authority.

6.Mr. Obama is actively destroying the economy of the Gulf region by imposing crippling industry controls beyond his Constitutional powers.

7.Mr. Obama is implementing policies that will raise gasoline and fuel prices to levels that will undermine the economy and damage the personal finances of a majority of United States citizens.

8.Mr. Obama is actively interfering with the power of several state governments and their ability to act in the best interests of their citizens. In particular this refers to the Gulf region citizens and those in Arizona who seek only to secure the safety and security of their homes, businesses and economies.

9.Mr. Obama has repeatedly insulted or abandoned long term and valued United States trade and military allies including denying defensive weapons and installations.

10.Mr. Obama has contributed to de-stabilization of the Middle East by failing to continue our tradition of support for Israel.

11.Mr. Obama has contributed to de-stabilizing the Middle East by failing to take strong actions to prevent the development of nuclear arms by the nation of Iran.

12.Mr. Obama threatens the future prosperity of the United Sates by continuing record levels of deficit spending.

13.Mr. Obama has violated our Constitution and his Oath of Office by seizing federal control of privately owned banks, insurance companies and auto-makers

14.Mr. Obama, with the aid of Congress, has succeeded in establishing a new model for the management of health care in this nation that is now demonstrated to violate every cost projection and coverage guarantee that is was promised to ensure.

15.Mr. Obama has lost the confidence of the American people by failing to adequately and effectively address serious national issues while maintaining a vigorous entertainment and personal schedule.

We believe that each day of failed Presidential leadership represents a clear and present danger to our nation. We believe that continuing the current White House management and policies leaves our nation vulnerable to international enemies, at risk of extreme financial damage, imminent destruction of our Gulf economy and eco-system, and subject to unsustainable national debt for generations to come.

This list of charges and statements is not complete but we believe it is absolutely sufficient to justify the demand for President Barack Hussein Obama to immediately resign from office as the President of the United States of America. We will continue to demand this. We pledge to gather support of an increasingly large and vocal majority until this demand is met.

May God Bless our efforts and may He continue to bless these United States of America!
"that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom---and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."-- Abraham Lincoln -- Gettysburg Address

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