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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Running: Pilot

A reality series that follows first time candidates as they run for office. In this pilot episode, we meet John Dennis and Ari David as they run for Congress in California against incumbents Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman.

Check out Kelsey Grammer's new network~RIGHTNETWORK


What we’re about

We are proud Americans.

And we're inspired by the many Americans before us who've stepped forward to help move us all forward. So now we’re stepping forward. We're creating a platform where people can join the national conversation. A place where they can be inspired, entertained, laugh together, or just sit back and enjoy being part of a vibrant community with a similar perspective - a right-minded perspective that includes an entire spectrum of opinion from thoughtful and reserved to bold and brash. 
"A right-minded perspective that includes an entire spectrum of opinion from thoughtful and reserved to bold and brash."

We seek to present the values and beliefs that America was built upon. We aim to be straight shooters and will always come to the party with a potent point-of-view. But we will not dominate the conversation… we'll stimulate it. And we will listen happily as the many voices of the Right combine. We'll always encourage debate and we will not shrink from the fight, if it's a fight worth having.

And we''ll enjoy presenting everything with an intelligent wit, a sense of humor, and an optimistic turn. After all, we live in the greatest country on earth and we're excited about what's next. Join us. Let's all step forward together.

RIGHTNETWORK is an independently owned media company. RIGHTNETWORK original content will be available through television, web and mobile.

The network just recently launched and has a number of shows that are in the line up. 
More from the founder,  David Jaget:

At RIGHTNETWORK we have created an entertainment television network for Right-Minded people.

RIGHTNETWORK will have a presence on the web (Right Here), your mobile device and, yes, your television.

What is "Right-Minded" you ask? It is all that is Right with the world. We'll appeal to those among us who are thoughtful and reserved, as well as the bold and brash. At RIGHTNETWORK.COM you'll find programming, commentary, and lifestyle sections in addition to a mix of personalities not seen on any other network. Here you’ll find a fresh daily perspective that is unapologetically American. Everything will be presented with humor,  insight, wit, and an optimistic turn. There will be plenty of time to talk about the unique programming we offer. I, however, want to take the occasion of Right's launch to address its origin, and to thank those who made it possible.

RIGHTNETWORK is the product of an almost manic love of country. My father still suffers from the trauma of the Holocaust. Hiding in a hole under a pigsty for the better part of two years did that. So did the realization that eight out of ten people in his village in Poland were murdered. I am a product of his reality, and that reality motivated me to seek out what makes America so exceptional—and to do my part in protecting it. I thank God every day that Dad sailed past the Statue of Liberty and stepped onto a pier on Manhattan's Lower West Side right after World War II. Dad taught me how to survive, and to appreciate freedom.

Ronald Reagan suggested that “You can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit.” But I must give credit where credit is due: I've been waiting for twenty years to thank one particular person, in the most public way I can, for making me into the man I am. That is the great American thinker Dennis Prager: He is my mentor, my teacher, my captain, and my hero. If I could be granted one wish, it would be for every teenager and young adult in America to do as the Talmud implores: “gather by wise men, sit nearby, and take in their words of wisdom with thirst.” It is one of my crowning achievements to offer Prager University (a college education in five-minute videos) as part of RIGHTNETWORK’s web programming. I encourage all to watch Prager U and to find Mr. Prager on the radio and podcast. You will gain wisdom, clarity, and happiness.

First, among others that I must thank, is RIGHTNETWORK's President and COO, Kevin McFeeley. Kevin recognized immediately that literally half the country’s population was being underserved—and often insulted—by a monolithic point of view that was, frankly, not right. He and his wife sacrificed greatly to make this possible and without Kevin's executive abilities and industry “know-how,” RIGHTNETWORK would not exist.

Ed Snider, the dapper Philadelphia sports legend, has clearly been infused with the American attributes of self-reliance, entrepreneurship, a strong work ethic, and a firm insistence on individual Liberty. No doubt his friendship with Ayn Rand had an influence. He is the quintessential American: RIGHTNETWORK needed his guidance and support and he didn't hesitate to give it.

People ask how Kelsey Grammer got involved with this venture. It’s simple: I saw him, walked up to him, and said “Mr. Grammer, we’re starting a new entertainment TV network for Right-Minded people.” He replied “I'm in.” That was it. Just like that, one of today’s greatest television, movie, and Broadway actors pledged his support to a chiropractor (more importantly) an idea. Kelsey’s a regular guy, a proud American, and a good friend.

Some writers and thinkers deserve a shout out. Most of them are people I've never met, but this is my opportunity to thank those who have helped to shape my thinking.

Thomas Sowell may be the wisest man in America. The first thing I look for in any new or used bookstore is any book by Thomas Sowell. He's a private man, so my only opportunity to see him in person was from the chair of a Hoover Institution event. You, however, will be able to see him on Uncommon Knowledge, a program we are delighted to offer.

I am also indebted to the late William F. Buckley and his legacy at National Review. I bound my entire first full year’s subscription to that magazine in hardcover, so I could keep it forever. Buckley’s influence will live on at RightNetwork in the form of Firing Line; the famous Firing Line debate forum will be a part of our RIGHTNETWORK "Classics" collection.

No one can find his or her right-mind without reading the right books, including those that help us to understand the past. After all, history is only meaningful if it's true and if it teaches us something. My favorite living historian is Paul JohnsonPaul Hollander's brilliant books Political Pilgrims and Anti-Americanism informed me of a mindset I hope to quash. The author and novelist Mark Helprin turned down our invitation to write for this site. No doubt his focus is on his books and I'd want it no other way. If you enjoy being inspired not only by heroic personalities, but by the spoken word itself, read Helprin's extraordinary works of fiction. The multitalented Victor Davis Hanson can be found in a number of publications but he cannot be heard from enough. His debut column for RIGHTNETWORK is therefore proudly presented in this very issue.

Michael Medved, the Salem Radio Host, offered my wife and me a warm meal when we were mere strangers passing through his neck of the woods. He and his wife have continuously offered me wise counsel as well and I appreciate their friendship.

President Ronald Reagan's photo is the first thing I see when I turn on my iPhone; his memory makes me happy, and provides comfort. And what would I have done without Rush Limbaugh to keep me informed and entertained? His stamp on the thinking of everyone my age has been indelible. Mark Levin’s books, radio program, and erudite Defense of Liberty is music to my ears. I once heard a personal story about Glenn Beck from a bus driver named Jerry, and it moved me deeply though I hadn’t even been a witness to the events. You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats people when nobody seems to be looking: Glenn Beck is the real deal—a genuinely decent person.

I need to thank everybody on the RIGHTNETWORK team: Production, Branding, Distribution, Acquisition, Legal, Web, Marketing, and Editorial. You have all performed with excellence.

My parents (I have four of them) sought to raise my brother and me to live the American dream. They succeeded. Mom, your hard work paid off; we love you so much. My brother Mark and I have a pledge to look after one another. I don't know where this enterprise will take me, but . . . Mark, if I can afford it, and you like the area, I'll put your house right next to mine.

I am truly blessed to have true friends. I know who you are, you know who you are. I am so grateful for your friendship.

Finally, I am a wild stallion without my incredible wife. She is, as Owen Wilson's character said in Wedding Crashers, “my soul's counterpoint.” I need her. She balances me. Without her I am not fully whole.

It is with both gratitude and sincerity that I welcome you to the RIGHTNETWORK family. It is my hope that you will like what you see and share us with your friends and family. May God bless us all, and may God Bless America, land of the free and home of the brave.

David Jaget
This is a wonderful thing to see!!!!!!!!!! I wish Kelsey and those behind this all the best and look forward to great things from them.

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