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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Florida College Under Fire For Censoring Conservative Students


If you are outraged about this, take action! 

I was told by the college campus to contact Dr. Grace Truman @ 561-868-3122.  I called today and she was out of the office but I did leave my comments with her assistant, Sue Rathbone. Her response to my call to have Ms. Ford-Morris fired was that it was under review and that, at this point, they had not received any evidence from the students as to the allegations that Mrs. Ford-Morris had been contacted in July regarding their request to set up a club and that she did approve it.

I will be sending a tweet to Daniel Hernandez to let him know to contact them.

The following is the "Vision" statement on their website:
"We envision a College of diverse, active learners engaged in intellectual, social and personal growth that enriches and transforms our community."
Obviously, Mrs. Ford-Morris needs a refresher course on seems that the left wants diversity when it fits the lefts agenda but wants to silence diversity from the right or conservatives.

Contact Olivia Ford-Morris, her college email is her telephone # is 561-868-3310 and the dean of student services ~Penny McIsaac (561) 868-305 

We need to let them know this is UNACCEPTABLE! 

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