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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Herman Cain Brings Down The House At The 2011 Value Voters Summit

Here is video of Herman Cain speaking at the Value Voters Summit today where he brought the house down! Cain was on fire, hammering President Obama and laying out what he would do as President of the United States.
Cain struck many of the familiar themes he has shared during his campaign, but wove it together flawlessly and with some new material. He told the crowd that he would build up the missile defense capability of the United States, outfitting U.S. Warships with improved missile interception capability as one way of dealing with Iran. Cain said he would do so and then say to Iran, “Make my day!” (6:44 mark of the video)

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Herman Cain invokes Ronald Reagan, wins big ovations at Values Voters Summit

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Friday delivered a rousing defense of his campaign and candidacy, winning several standing ovations from conservative activists gathered in Washington for the Values Voters Summit.

Rising suddenly to become a top-tier contender means "you get this bull-eye's on your back," Cain said. But Cain insisted that his growing momentum was no fluke.
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