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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Issa Announces Fast and Furious Subpoenas of Holder and the DOJ

10/9/2011 Congressman Darrell Issa appeared with Chris Wallace today to discuss where he is with the investigation into Fast and Furious.  Congressman Issa indicated that the next phase of the investigation will include subpoenas of Eric Holder and others in the DOJ.

Congressman Issa also indicated there's more they are investigating in the DOE Loan Program as well.  This is after the DOE loaned $537M to a solar energy company, Solyndra and it declared bankruptcy August 2011. Solyndra received federal help in 2009 and never turned a profit. In March 2010, PriceWaterhouseCoopers raised questions about the company's solvency. The next month, a White House Office of Management and Budget staffer worried that the Department of Energy "has one loan to monitor and they seem completely oblivious." Another said it was "terrifying" to consider that some of DOE's next projects would make Solyndra look "better."

Read More: Wall Street Journal

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