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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Real Legacy of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady

The Real Legacy of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's Iron Lady |
As moveigoers head to theaters this weekend, many will want to compare the person they saw on screen to the real woman. As we explained this week, there is no resource better than the Iron Lady’s own words. Our new video attempts to shine a spotlight on her important legacy—one that continues to inspire.

Like President Ronald Reagan, her political soulmate, she came to power at a desperate time in her country’s history, when real leadership and bold ideas were most needed. And by applying conservative principles to the challenges she faced, she was able to achieve real and lasting success. Then, as today, she faced an extraordinary set of challenges and a chorus of voices saying her country’s best days were behind it. Thatcher’s successes are a comforting reminder of the power of a bold, conservative vision at work.

Eulogy to Reagan by Thatcher

Eulogy to President Ronald Reagan delivered (or rather, pre-recorded and shown) by the former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at his state funeral in Washington.

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