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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

US Congressman Steve King: "Oil Will Be Sent to China if the Keystone Pipeline isn’t Built"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         CONTACT: Brittany Lesser
January 18, 2012                                                               Office: 202.226.2388
King: Oil Will Be Sent to China if the Keystone XL Pipeline isn’t Built
Washington, DC: Congressman Steve King (IA-05) released the following video statement in response to President Obama’s decision to deny the permit to build the job creating Keystone XL pipeline:
“If we block it, that oil will certainly go to China. It will enrich their economy,” said King. “It will starve ours and it’s clear that the President is pacifying his environmental extremist base and at the cost of American jobs and the vitality of America’s economy. This is a foolish decision on the part of the President. We’re going to have to do all we can in this Congress to reverse that decision, but I fear we’ll have to elect a new President before we can actually accomplish that task.”
U.S. Congressman Steve King
Iowa’s Fifth Congressional District

Source: Tea Party Tribune

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