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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Phoenix Mayor's Attack On Private Property Rights

Do you want to know how Agenda 21 & sustainable development can affect you? Listen to the Mayor of Phoenix, AZ talking about private property rights in Phoenix for this in your community...

"I know Colin and our economic development team are working closely with some of the large land owners to effectively say, "whatever culture's existed in the past, this kind of this hyper property rights ethos that's existed in our community, get over it. You know when you have a large parcel, particularly in the center of the city, that's not just an investment, you have a responsibility to the people of this community and if you're not going to develop it in a responsible way in the short term, you know, hand it over to responsible folks that are going to use it in positive ways moving forward."

"Hey, so many people in the audience said, "If they're not going to develop, tax the heck out of them so that they are forced to develop."

ASU Global Institute of Sustainability

The event:

Talking Urban Sustainability with Mayor Greg Stanton and William McDonough, FAIA

February 22, 2012

Greg Stanton

  • Mayor, City of Phoenix-Greg Stanton, an attorney, became the 52nd mayor of Phoenix November, 2011.
  • Stanton, a Democrat, had been cast as the union-backed, career politician throughout the race.

William McDonough

  • McDonough Advisors / William McDonough + Partners Architecture and Community Design / McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry
Join us for an outdoor event at The Ro2 Lot—a temporary pocket park—for a vibrant conversation on urban sustainability and the pressing issue of what should happen to vacant lots and underused public spaces.

Greg Stanton, recently elected Mayor of Phoenix, has committed to transforming Phoenix into the "Silicon Valley of Sustainability."

William McDonough, co-author of Cradle to Cradle, has been a leader in sustainable development since the 1970s. Trained as an architect, McDonough’s interests and influence range widely, and he works at scales from the global to the molecular.

Moderated by School of Sustainability alumnus Colin Tetreault, Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainability, Office of the Mayor

Additional Sponsors: Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation, Urban Initiatives, Continental Shift, Edge Industries
February 22, 2012
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
(continental breakfast by Nami)
The Ro2 Lot, NE Corner 2nd & Roosevelt
1005 N 2nd St, Phoenix
Street parking available
Clipped Version:
Full Video Here:

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H/T Darin Moser


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