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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Warning to the Gun Owners of the World (VIDEO)



"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."~Edmund Burke 
A look into disarming a country:

"States should work toward the introduction of appropriate national legislation, administrative regulations and licensing requirements that define conditions under which firearms can be acquired, used and traded by private persons. In particular, they should consider the prohibition of unrestricted trade and private ownership of small arms and light weapons." -- The United Nations' Report of the Group of Governmental Experts on Small Arms, August 19, 1999

Links to informative news articles, essays and videos exposing the "gun control" (i.e. civilian disarmament) agenda:

Civilian Disarmament: Prelude to Tyranny

The Rise of the Robber State

Innocents Betrayed

The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina

More Than A Right

Enemy Public Number One: The Government, The People and The Militia Today

No Guns for Jews

Are Guns To Blame?

Is The USA Next? Gun Control in Canada

2A Today for the USA

Operation Fast and Furious Exposed

Does the National Rifle Association Support Gun Owners?

More Guns, Less Crime

Guns versus Crime

Firearms and Personal Defense

The Why of Gun Ownership

Right to Bear Arms

Robert Williams and the 2nd Amendment

The UN: A Case for US Withdrawal

The UN's War on Firearms
Taking advantage of Black Tuesday and the ongoing "war on terrorism," the United Nations is intensifying its own campaign against civilian ownership of firearms.

Disarmament and Destruction
Under the guise of "peace and safety" the United Nations seeks to disarm entire populations. Never mind that disarmed populations invariably invite tyranny and genocide!

Dangerous Disarmament
The drive to deprive Americans of privately owned firearms is part of a larger plan to render the U.S. helpless before a Russian-Chinese axis or a nuclear-armed UN.

With UN Support, Socialist Chavez Disarms Civilians in Venezuela

Deadly Disarmament: U.N. Gun Control

UN-sponsored Civilian Disarmament in Brazil

Bush Backs UN Global Disarmament Drive

Gun Control Leads to Militarized Law Enforcement

Toward a Global Police State

Former UN Ambassador: Obama Will Target Gun Ownership in Second Term

Obama's Anti-gun Agenda Shelved - for Now

Second Amendment Rights Once Again at Risk

Gun Controllers Don't Want to Waste Tucson Tragedy

The Shameful Manipulation of Murder: Gun Control and Tyranny

Obama Planning Gun-control Legislation

"Fast and Furious" Was Plot Against U.S. Gun Rights, NRA Chief Says

Gun Grab Revival

Gun Rights on Trial

Second Amendment Solidified

Firearms and Freedom

Defending the Home

Gun Ownership Up, Crime Down

The Darker Side of Gun Control

I Am Alive, No Thanks to Gun Control

Shooting Down Faulty Arguments
Collectivists cling to their worn-out gun control clich├ęs, even though each one can be shot full of holes.

Moms' Masquerade
The Million Mom March was a carefully crafted revolutionary mobilization led by a political veteran.

Citizen Soldiers: The Militia

Bearing Arms: A Right ... and a Duty?

The American Rifleman in the Revolutionary War

No Compromise Against Gun Control: Aaron Zelman Interviewed

The Impact of the Swiss Civilian Militia On Hitler's War Plans

National Security, Swiss-Style

Guns, Crime, and the Swiss

Citizens in Arms: The Swiss Experience


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