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Monday, June 4, 2012

WATCH: Pro-Walker Marine Vet Schools 'Union Sheeple' Dems at Rally... And Gets Arrested!

Reporting for Wisconsin Reporter (, I captured this video of a pro-Walker Marine vet getting in the mix at the Democratic rally with Bill Clinton for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on June 1, 2012. Click here ( for more.

Pajamas Media -- According to the police citation, (which (Name withheld) read over the phone) UPDATE: “During a political rally, subject raised a protest sign above his head in a manner that created danger to the public. Subject’s actions caused a disturbance during a political rally.” The citation carries a $185 fine and has a July court date.

Mr. (Name withheld) is not in jail, but says that he will fight the citation on the grounds that he did absolutely nothing wrong and was exercising his free speech rights. (Name withheld) served in the United States Marine Corps from 1992 to 2000 and was honorably discharged. He was also a firefighter for 10 years in the state of Florida. (Name withheld) says that his time as a non-union firefighter has led him to suspect that the Wisconsin police officers may be acting as union members first and police officers second.

Here's another video of the protester just as he gets arrested:

Reporting for Wisconsin Reporter (, I captured this video of a Marine veteran and former union member who was arrested at Bill Clinton rally for Tom Barrett on June 1, 2012. Click here ( for more.

 Pro-Walker Marine veteran arrested at Clinton rally in Wisconsin

On Friday, 39-year-old (Name withheld) , of West Allis, Wisconsin, was arrested at a rally for Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, where former President Bill Clinton also spoke.

Holding a sign that read, "Support Scott Walker, Not Union Thugs," (Name withheld), who identified himself as a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, confronted a number of Walker opponents before police intervened.

According to a report at Buzzfeed, (Name withheld) "angered many in the crowd, especially when he yelled 'Tell me how you're going to create jobs!' repeatedly as Barrett and Clinton spoke."

"One man in the crowd said he would 'take him out,' and a woman told him 'I'm a union thug and you're ignorant as hell," Buzzfeed added.

"I have no idea why I'm being handcuffed," he told reporters, as he was being led off.  "They won't tell anybody what I did wrong. What rally specifically do I get to peacefully protest?"

According to the Milwaukee police, (Name withheld) "was issued a municipal citation for disorderly conduct when he refused to comply with Milwaukee Police orders to step back from his location where he was waving a large wooden pole with a sign mounted on it."

"Given his proximity to Mayor Tom Barrett and other dignitaries, officers believed he posed a threat with the large sign and was asked to move back," the police statement said.

But according to a tweet by the Weekly Standard's John McCormack, (Name withheld) "was 30 feet from Clinton."

A video of the arrest posted at shows one police officer leading (Name withheld) away.

"You're going to get your a** kicked," the police sergeant said.

After (Name withheld) said he had a right to be in the park "like everybody else," the sergeant handcuffed him and led him away.

"A police officer on the scene would not say why the man had been arrested," Buzzfeed reported.

In a statement that seems somewhat at odds with the video of the arrest, the police department said:
He was told he was allowed to protest, and the officer understood his right to protest, but he needed to move from the line where the Mayor and other dignitaries were standing. He failed to comply. He was arrested, issued a citation and was released.

**I have decided to withhold the name if the protester because of my concern for his safety. 

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  1. I'll look for follow-up on this. Police might just be using the new law which passed the Senate by acclamation and the House by a vote of, I think, 431-3-1, and was signed by President Obama.