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Friday, October 5, 2012

Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians

The Bishop E.W. Jackson, founder of Chesapeake, Virginia-based Exodus Faith Ministries, recently released a controversial video calling for African Americans to make a mass exodus from the Democratic Party. Throughout the clip, Jackson delivers stinging blows to both liberals and the African Americans who continue to support them, while decrying what he sees as a "slavish devotion to the Democrat Party."

"They have insulted us, used us, and manipulated us. They have saturated the black community with ridiculous lies," he said, speaking directly to the black community. "They think we are stupid and that these lies will hold us captive while they violate everything we believe as Christians."

Jackson went into detail in the video, taking aim at the "unholy alliance" that he sees between Democrats, faux-civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood.

"The Democratic Party has created an unholy alliance between certain so-called civil rights leaders and Planned Parenthood, which has killed unborn black babies by the tens of millions," he proclaimed.

Just a reminder that this Sunday is 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday'.  Thousands of churches across America will challenge the IRS and openly speak out on political issues:

Jim Garlow - Indivisible Conference 

Watch Dr. Jim Garlow's inspiring message about unhindered biblical preaching and how it can set our nation free.

The future of religious freedom depends on a free pulpit to communicate fundamental, biblical principles to congregations across America. Join a growing movement of bold pastors preaching biblical Truth about candidates and elections from their pulpits on October 7, 2012.

Source: Pulpit
Speak Up~Protect and Promote The Rights Of Our Churches

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