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Friday, October 12, 2012

Proverbs 29:9 Used to Describe Joe Biden During VP Debate

One Twitter trend that might have gone under the radar during last night's vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and GOP Congressman Paul Ryan was viewers' reaction to President Obama's running-mate constantly smirking, chuckling and interrupting his rival – so much so, that many were reminded of Proverbs 29:9, which speaks of a "wise man" and a "fool."

Proverbs 29:9 reads in the NIV: "If a wise man goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace." The biblical verse was noted numerous times on Twitter last night as Americans tuned into the debate at Centre College in Danville, Ky. It's not immediately clear who started the trend, but a Twitter user calling herself "Jesus lover" seems to have been among the first commenters to link Proverbs 29:9 to the vice presidential debate.

At about 57 minutes into Thursday night's debate, Amber Vanderslice (@amberviolin), shared with her 138 Twitter followers: "'When a wise man has a controversy w/ a foolish man, The foolish man either rages or laughs, and there is no rest.' - Proverbs 29:9 #VPDebate."

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