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Saturday, December 21, 2013

App Encourages Conservatives to Take Control of Their ’2nd Vote’ by Outing Corporate Activism

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For consumers looking to get more involved and engaged beyond Election Day, there is now an app for that.

Called 2nd vote, the app provides consumers with information about which causes companies, brands and nonprofits support through donations to direct causes or lobbying group. The app was officially unveiled at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., this weekend and with 4,000 downloads already, is sure to be a success.

“Our second vote is being used for issues that we would never support on our own,” 2nd Vote Executive Director Chris Walker told Red Alert Politics. “…The idea is very simple. Your first vote is at the ballot box, but you have a second vote every day with your wallet and you spend it every day. 

It’s time to start spending your second vote the same way you would treat your first vote: with education, information and backing those very ideals you vote for on Election Day.”

2nd Vote boasts a team of researchers who scour public filings, databases and disclosure forms from a host of companies to determine what causes they support — ones the consumer may not be aware of.

Upon downloading the app, which is available across all platforms including Apple, Kindle and Android, consumers can view scores given to different companies from Banana Republic to 7/11. 

There are different industries for users to browse including food and beverage, gas and energy, banking, and apparel and accessories. 

Once a user clicks on a company, they can view the score 2nd Vote has given it on a scale of 1, being actively liberal, to 10, being actively conservative, based on its activities and donations to outside groups like Planned Parenthood.

Scoring is based on five categories: Second Amendment, environment, marriage, pro-life and corporate cronyism. 2nd Vote currently has more than 1,000 scores for 400 companies and is growing every day, with hopes to add a “Made in the U.S.A.” category soon.



If you want to know what you spend, donate and give goes for good causes, moral companies, etc...FINALLY, just the beginning to rethink how we are spending.

I'm tired of spending money on those that fight against my moral and ethical, not to mention spiritual beliefs.

This is just the beginning of exposing the frauds in businesses...and then for us to make that choice to aid or hold accountable.

It should be profitable for Conservative businesses and organizations.

Share your values and support...

The Blaze article:

Here is the founder interviewed by Glenn Beck:


A Little About 2ndVote

If you're like a lot of us, you cast your 1st vote in state and national elections every couple of years. But do you ever leave the voting booth wondering whether you're making a difference?

A New Resource For Making Informed Decisions

That's where your 2nd Vote comes in. We want to help you cast it every day by letting you know where your money really goes when something, eating at a restaurant, or supporting an organization. 

2nd Vote is a group of conservatives who are dedicated to helping you be informed about the everyday choices you make. We believe you can make  a difference. And we want to help.

Learn: Learn more about conservative issues that matter and the companies and causes that fund them.

Vote: Use 2nd Vote's tools to take action, and support your values every day, with every dollar you spend.

Share: Grow support for your principles through your friends and around the web with easy sharing tools. 


Learn How We Score

Do you want to know what each numerical score really means in our scoring system? Here's more about what each number indicates. 
Organizations and Interest Groups that advocate for various issues, both on the conservative and liberal side, spend tremendous amounts of money each year to advance those causes. This money comes from individual donors, grants, and most importantly, corporate
2nd Vote is developing the most complete database that makes it easy for conservatives to follow the money and see how the companies you shop with every day are spending the money you spend with them. 
We base our scoring system on the following information:   
  • Direct and indirect corporate donations

  • Activities and stated policies from these companies

  • Documented sponsorships for various political and advocacy-related events

  • Corporate leadership donations, activity and advocacy

  • Lobbying spent for or against various issues on the federal and state levels
We use this information to score each company on a scale of 1 to 10 on various issues. The scale is calculated as follows:
  1. Widespread verbal support or funding or logo placement in direct support of a liberal cause, such as pro-abortion groups or gun
    control groups.

  2. Donations to groups that promote liberal agendas or give direct support to legislation furthering those agendas.

  3. Donations to lobbyist groups or third party groups promoting liberal agendas.

  4. Allow liberal agendas to influence your shopping experience. Examples include discouraging gun possession from all property, offering benefits to shoppers supporting a liberal agenda, or advertisement that targets those supporting a liberal agenda.

  5. Direct support of liberal causes on company grounds, including restricting employees and customers from carrying guns or offering spousal benefits to same sex partners.

  6. Absence of support of any liberal agendas.

  7. Show support of conservative agendas.

  8. Openly pushed against corporate funding of groups supporting or lobbying for liberal agendas.

  9. Funding of groups supporting conservative agendas and legislation.

  10. Funding of multiple conservative groups and promote a conservative agenda in their business platform or company values.


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