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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Congressman Pete Stark Mocking Constituents About Border Security

Obviously this arrogant ass is completely out of touch with reality. I guess living in Washington has made him completely ignorant to what living near the border is like. He thinks this valid concern is just one big joke.


Source: You Tube
Here's the video from Congressman Pete Stark's Town Hall meeting last Saturday (June 26, 2010).
I used the border segment only (YouTube has a ten minute limit), the rest of the meeting was pretty tame anyway.

He made some pretty dumb comments as he mocked me including "the borders are quite secure", but it backfired on him.

Stark seemed medicated to me, had swollen ankles and could only sit on the edge of his chair for over an hour and a half. He's well past doing an effective job, but in my opinion, that's probably best for America anyway.

Steve Kemp &

The following is a great article written by  James Simpson with the DC Examiner
Posted below is a revealing video of Rep. Fortney Pete Stark, (D-CA) at a recent town hall meeting with his constituents. To call him contemptuous would be an understatement. To their faces he smugly ridicules every single person who speaks up at this meeting. And he is an equal opportunity dispenser of disdain. Among the audience are representatives of practically every hyphenated-American in existence, and they all ask for one thing: seal the border.
His blasé response? "Our borders are quite secure, thank you."
Forget the facts. Democrats never cared much for them. But it is Stark's demeanor that is telling. His sneering, insulting attitude is the modern face of Progressivism. Actually, it has always been the face of progressivism, but progressives used to be a little more careful about showing it. As one of Congress's most hardcore leftists, Stark is a prominent member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the website for which used to be linked to the Democratic Socialists of America site until WorldNetDaily exposed that fact in 1999. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was a member too, until that became an inconvenient truth.
This is the guy who gave us the Stark Law, one of the most convoluted, impenetrable pieces of health regulation legislation out there. Criminalizes everyone and made deliberately vague so no one really is certain what it requires. It should be apparent from his absolute contempt of his constituents that he could care less what their concerns are about anything. The man is a hard Leftist, and like the rest of them, all about merrily wrecking our country from within. He deserves a lot more than mere retirement, but if he can be removed from office, perhaps at least he will be deterred from wreaking further havoc on us.
Read some of the things he has said to people throughout his tenure. Simply incomprehensible, but it does reflect the political outlook of the virulently anti-American enclave from which he gets at least some of his support: Oakland, CA.
Stark also brazenly defies the law by using a Maryland address as his primary residence for the tax advantages it provides, while claiming to actually live in San Lorenzo, CA, where he is registered to vote, and must claim residency in order to represent the people of his district. The San Lorenzo home is owned by his in-laws and no one has ever seen him there. The House Ethics Committee (a contradiction in terms) initiated a probe of this violation in late 2008, but I can't imagine it going anywhere.
It should be apparent from videos like this, and the accumulated evidence since Democrats took back control of Congress in 2006, that Stark and his fellow Democrats have no interest in representing their country, but in doing whatever they want at our expense.
One of the town hall participants observed that in 1972 candidate Stark criticized his opponent a 28 year incumbent for serving too long. Yet Stark is now the longest serving member of Congress among California Representatives, having held office for 38 years. When confronted about this, Stark blithely remarked that he had no intention to retire.
Stark is an inexcusable excuse for a human being. Time for him to go, although I would be happy to support his indefinite continued existence as a dependent of the government: in jail, where he belongs.

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