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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Responsibilities of American Citizenship (1955)

Another classic starring "noted young historian" Professor Clifton L. Ganus ("America's Distribution of Wealth", "A Look at Capitalism", etc.)! This is yet another anti-communist/socialist, pro-God-and-Country "educational" film in the style of his others.

He gravely instructs us that to fight the communists, we must "understand propaganda techniques" and the greatness of America.  He espouses the benefits of our capitalistic society while warning of the slow and methodical infiltration of socialism/communism in our country.

Although the bad acting of the films students bring a grin to our faces, the seriousness of his message resonates even today as we find ourselves under the leadership of the most radical left wing Socialist president and Congress in the history of our nation.

We must all take responsibility for the welfare of our country and get involved.  Additionally, we must educate our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers on the evil of socialism/communism disguised as a government that wants to help you........

Producer: National Education Program

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