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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Glenn Beck Show 2/16/11" World Unrest,. EVIL, & The Coming Insurrection"

Subjects Glenn Beck covered today:
Patriots please watch today's show! World unrest. EVIL and the coming insurrection. 

Egypt has 300 killed and an American woman sexually asaulted by 200 men in crowd. 

Muslim Brotherhood to form its own political party. 

Jimmy Carter on the Brotherhood. 

Yemen and Bahrain protesters in streets. 

Mexican unions rioting. 

Radical unions warn Obama they may not support him as strong in 2012. 

Teacher strikes in Wisconsin and cry 'Fight like an egyptian.' Kids march in Wisconsin. 

Twelvers in Iran and Iranian warships to dock for a year in Syria right next to Israel. 

Islamic Unity Conference with Sunni and Shia attendees together. 

Iran playing an extraordinarily dangerous game. 

Google proud of its roll in Egyptian protests. 

Glenn: 'I don't want my search engine involved in the overthrow of governments.' Eric Schmidt and googles ties to the White House. Hard left leaning company.

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