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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breathtaking Performance Of Agnus Dei by Jotta A. Arrebenta From Brazil

UPDATE 12/18/11 Jotta's winning song, We Are The World

UPDATE 9/18/11
Jotta A has taken the world by storm with his powerful, uplifting Christ centered performances. Michely Manuely joins Jotta on stage for possibly the most awe-inspiring performance yet. Watch this special performance of Hallelujah.

UPDATE 8/30/11
Jotta A. stole our heart last week with his unbelievable performance of Agnus Dei. While his vocal talent is undeniable, there is something extra special in the heart of this performance of Amazing Grace that will take your breath away. He has the voice of an angel and his heart is bursting with praise to the Lord. You HAVE to see this!!


An AMAZING performance by this child from Brazil....This performance will take your breath away. Jotta A is a child singing sensation from Brazil and has a special love for his Lord and Savior. Enjoy this unforgettable performance of Agnus Dei. WOW!

8/24/11 Oh Happy Day



  1. From the mouth of a child, the sounds of praise for our Lord and Savior. Truly blessed. Thank ;ou for this.

  2. Amen.....Truly blessed. Please share.

  3. I can't say much but this guy incredible! Outstanding, wonderful voice....and what else, he is too good to go!