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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lack of Leadership to Blame for U.K. Riots

Former British Parliament member John Browne says vacuum bred frustration, resentment in UK. 
There is a huge feeling of a "Lack of leadership", that politicians are out for themselves.  They are out for big business big bankers, and they are making hard working people pay for it. They are spineless, weak, unpatriotic, and they basically have created an atmosphere of great uncertainty politically and economically of great frustration. 
People that have good educations, aren't able to get jobs and tremendous resentment, as in the European Union people were pulled in undemocratically. Massive immigration causes problems, and multi-centralism which seems to be failing and of course most of these riots are happening in multi-cultural areas, and that breeds huge anger, of the abuse people feel politicians are subjecting them to and it only requires a spark to turn that into riots.
In the old days when I went to work for Wall-Street, firms were run by partners and invested their money. It then spread to managers who used their customers money to gamble and that was one of the root causes of the turmoil on wall-street. 
And this has happened in politics in both our countries.  It was once a calling where people gave their time to serve their nation, now they are in there as a career.
With big monetary reward and privilege, think about Obamacare, we are subjected to high cost things but members of congress get a special deal, and not in there at all, and that creates great resentment and frustration.
The problem is, we are under the dictatorship of the parties, as Jefferson so brilliantly put it, as in England and America, you are elected by a pretty fair means into Parliament or Congress and you become a delegate of the parties. You do what the party says or you lose your very rewarding and pension protected career. 
That’s what’s wrong with our democracy.  The politicians have become delegates of the parties and the parties are greatly removed from the people and are only interested in power and buying votes.

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