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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well, that sounds good doesn't it?  It has a really nice "ring" to it. 

Earlier today, I had an idea while I was writing to the 7 moron Senators that voted to continue their support for ACORN. In my letter, I reminded them that as tax payers, we are now unwilling participants in the Federally funded criminal enterprise, aka ACORN.

Now that I have unwillingly participated in these criminal activities, it is my belief that ALL taxpayers that do not support ACORN should have a right to LODGE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them as they violated their fiduciary responsibilities when they took our money and used it to conduct criminal activities. It would seem that they should be held to the same legal standards as any enterprise entrusted with someone else's money and is then using our money to commit fraud with those funds.

I posted this idea on Glenn Beck's Facebook page and am waiting to hear if any of his other FANS would like to join me in initiating a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST ACORN? How about any of you? Any of you want to join me? Then we would be able to get ACORNS books and deposition ACORN employees.
Let me know your thoughts................................................
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