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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Walmart Pressured by Union Thugs to pull advertising from Glenn Beck's show

Recently, it was reported that Glenn Beck made a derrogatory comment about the possibility of President Obama being a racist.  That comment, although inflamatory, can be supported by some of Obama's own writings as well as associations with deeply racist left wing loons.

Well, Hell hath no fury as a Union or Acorn scorned!!!  That was all they needed to demand that advertisers on the Fox News Station and Glenn Beck's Show pull their advertising. I can assure you that the comment Mr. Beck made really wasn't the reason for all of this "outcry".  No, in reality the reason for this outcry is that Mr. Beck is actually not afraid to speak the truth and shine the light on all of the questionable personalities and policies of this administration.  The light has even been shone on the same "organizations" now trying to shut Mr. Beck up.

In response to this all out war against Glenn Beck, I quickly sent a letter to Walmart in support of Mr. Beck.
Here is a copy of what I sent via email to Walmart 8/25.

Email sent to Walmart 8/25

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been widely publicized that there is a campaign by Acorn, SEIU, and a number of other organizations in support of President Obama's agenda to pressure Walmart and other companies to pull their advertising from Glenn Beck's show and Fox News. I went to the SEIU website and found that as much as they hate Glenn Beck and Fox News, they seem to hate Walmart even more. Here is a link to a website they are promoting titled ""

In addition to hate filled disdain of Walmart they are promoting, they are also encouraging visitors to the website to complete a form letter that is then sent to John Agwunobi demanding Walmart pull their advertising on Mr. Beck's and Fox News programs. Oh yes, by the way on the same page to send this letter to Mr. Agwunobi, there are a minimum of 13 areas they feel need to be changed by Walmart to include, wages, health benefits, anti-union attitude, etc.

The most interesting position they are promoting to all of their members is titled "Community Fights-Fight for Our America By Fighting Against Wal-Mart" On this page they list 5 steps to "KEEP YOUR COMMUNITY WALMART FREE".

I am sure by now you have received a number of emails from citizens voicing their outcry of some remarks made by Glenn Beck about President Obama being a racist. Let me say that I don't agree with ANYONE using the race card.

I am also sure that the majority of these emails calling for Walmart to cease all advertising dollars are also from people who continue to try to advance their causes by claiming to be victims of racism.

While it is clear that the "R" word seems to be tossed around freely by people on all sides of party lines, I would encourage that if, in fact you feel pressured to pull your advertising dollars in this case, that you also pull any advertising dollars from MSNBC, CNN, and any other media outlet that have also called anyone not agreeing with our President a racist. Those outlets have been making race an issue ever since Obama started campaigning for President.

I am completely offended by these remarks by anyone. I can assure you that I have never judged anyone by the color or their skin. I am not a racist, yet I was called a racist simply because I am a participant of tea party events. MSNBC, Democratic elected officials, Newspaper publications, and other news outlets that are in support of President Obama labeled those of us using our freedom of speech to speak out against this proposed healthcare bill as racists. Where was the outcry from those same organizations now outraged by comments Mr. Beck made? There wasn't any because these "organizations" will do anything to assist Mr. Obama in pushing his agenda that will soon put our country in peril.

I would also encourage you to look at who is pushing for you to pull your advertising. They are the same thugs that want to go after your company and, trust me, with the White House behind them, Walmart may soon see be overtaken by a Union or better yet, the Federal Government.

Me, on the other hand. I am just a 53-year-old Grandmother that believes in limited government and capitalism. I have no agenda. I am also a customer of Walmart. If you truly pull your advertising on the principal of this issue, remember that these organizations pressuring you are the same ones frothing at the mouth to bring you down.


"I realize that on the sea of life, I can't control the weather, but I can adjust my sails." unknown

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