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Sunday, September 6, 2009

UAW backs reform, cites $10B to defray costs for retirees | | The Detroit News

UAW backs reform, cites $10B to defray costs for retirees | | The Detroit News

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Read pages 65-71 of HR3200
No wonder the Union Thugs have such an interest in this bill. Why are the Unions receiving special treatment? Maybe that's because as VP Biden so eloquently said in March 2009 at the Fountainebleu Hotel (discount rooms available now online for $399/night) in Miami Beach for the AFL-CIO's Executive Council: Here's a Biden quote: "Mr. President, you know, you go home with them that brung you to the dance. Well, you all brought me to the dance a long time ago. And it's time we start dancing, man. It's time we start dancing. this is the "transparent" administration....Transparent ok...they don't have any problem proving how corrupt these politicians are once they make it to a position of power!!!  They are actually very arrogant and "in your face" about it.  Man, I don't think this is the change people were expecting.
I know there must be many of you with "Voter's Remorse" after voting for the Democrat ticket.  I wish you would have been listening to the mountains of evidence that this President has an agenda that is questionable at the least, and dangerous at worst.  I am convinced he doesn't care if he is a 1-term President if it means he can ram as much of his socialist agenda through for the sake of his radical agenda.
These are very scary times...........................................................................

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